Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hola hola! Well it's been a busy past week!

 It was my last week in Mocteuma :( Sad to leave but comforting because I know I will be back to visit by the next fast Sunday when we go as a family and that makes me feel a little better! I truly loved my time there. It's been a good past 7 months :) Sad saying goodbyes!

Saying goodbye to familia Galicia! So sad. They are the greatest. I am so grateful I had the privilege to live with them for so long. 
Familia Neri! Love them.
With Jesus and Alicia. They are the sweetest!
Maricela started progressing really well this past week. We were able to go to the Visitors Center with her and also were able to find out more about her grandmother. She was a very very well known women in our ward who past away 7 years ago. She was known for being generous and bore her testimony every fast Sunday. It was so cool to make all the connections with other ward members. Her grandmother is now trying to share the gospel with Maricela. Hope she keeps progressing and gets baptized soon! :)
At the CV with little Alisson! And her dad went too.
My generation left this past Friday and my comp had to be at the offices for a training meeting so I was able to say goodbye to all of them. I thought that would make me want to be leaving with them but it didn't. Just the opposite. I was so glad I wasn't leaving yet and will get to go to the temple before I leave. I have been waiting so long to go in!
Saying goodbye to Hermana Fowler!!!
The next couple weeks will be very very busy! Hermana Heywood's new gringa hija got here yesterday! Hermana Gantz! She is awesome and I trust they will take good care of Moctezuma. So now I'm with Hermana Wilkinson again since we both extended and will be leaving together. We are in Valle de las Americas. I had already been here before on divisions. It's absolutely goregous!! It's outside of the District Federal so its not quite as city but still is. I went from the very bottom of our mission to the very top.
Me with my daughter and granddaughter at cambios yesterday :) Hermana Gantz is the new hermana. She's from Florida.
3 generations :)
We will be spending lots of time traveling to the temple and back it sounds like. I've spent my whole mission about 10 mins from the temple and now we're about an hour in public transportation. We had part of our pday yesterday and the other part today because we had a temple open house training meeting this morning. We will have a longer training meeting next Monday with all the hermanas that will be helping so we won't have pday til Wednesday. The open house starts next Friday the 14th but we get to go in with the VIPs on Monday!!!! So excited!!! :)
I found Frida today at the temple when we went for our meeting :)
So yesterday on our way to pick up Hermana Heywood's new comp with family Galicia we dropped Isaac off at the airport. Off to Utah! He's marrying an hermana from my mission the 22nd in Logan. They are adorable! Happy for them.
Isaac owed us pancakes :) They were really good until I threw them up. I think my stomach is broken.
All is well here in Mexico! I am cherishing every moment I have here and trying to make the most of it. I feel good about the work I have done the past year and a half. Kinda feel like getting to go in the temple next Monday and all next week is my reward :) It will be an awesome experience.
We found a mouse in the house this week! We put poison. And made a trap so it couldn't pass out of the kitchen. I'm out of that house now anyways :)
Well that's enough for now! I love you all so much! Have a good week! :)

Hermana Rhoten

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