Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hola! I love everything about this place and am so grateful for the time I get to spend here.

James and I
So sorry last week my email was pretty quick and so many of the pictures didn't go through. The room we were in was super full so it got pretty loud and computers kept crashing so I had to restart my email a couple times but today should be better :) I kept notes during the week so I could remember what I want to share because so much happens in one week here!!
My zone the first night

We had an extra district then that left earlier this week

Thank you so much for all the letters and package! Its so fun to hear from you and know how you are doing! Sounds like we've had some crazy weather at home!!! Glad to hear Madison is all moved in and settled in my room. What a fun project. Pictures look great! Congrats to Shelby Kurtz!! Las Vegas! How exciting!! I am so stoked for her and know that she will make an incredible missionary :) Dad~ I've asked around for some Peru missionaries cause that would be super cool if I could meet some girls going to Miranda's mission but I think they are all at the Peru MTC cause I've had no luck. The west campus is all Spanish speaking missionaries. All that I've talked to are either Mexico or Argentina.. a few stateside.. or Spain. But that would be really cool! I see Isaiah Stanfield and Nathan McBride quite a bit and run in to James a lot still but he has different times for meals and gym. And yes! Myranda Jones my Facebook amiga! She is awesome and we get a long super well! We have the whole apartment to ourselves so we have gotten to know each other really well and become great friends! 

My district and comp in our classroom the first week

Here's kinda the week's rundown. 

On the bus

Church was awesome! In Relief Society all the Hermanas stand up and sing "The Sisters of Zion" Its like As Sisters in Zion but the lyrics were recently changed a little.. You should try and look it up. Its super good. We had a really great lesson about how to develop habits and traits on our missions that will help us throughout our entire life. Before our Branch Council Mtg President asked to meet with me and assigned me to be in training as Sister Training Leader for our Zone rather than just my district and Hermana S was gonna be training me. I was really surprised because I was still feeling like I just barely got here ya know. But I was really excited because I look up to Hermana S SO much and she had been my go to girl with everything since I had gotten here. We are a lot alike and get a long well. Well then Tuesday night after devotional President pulled me aside again and informed me that Hermana S had gone home and I was now the acting leader for our zone. Once again I was completely in shock. There are 15 Hermanas in our zone and many of them really looked up to Hermana S like I do. It was a tough night for all of us. My heart aches for her but I know she made a good choice and I am excited to hear from her. It sounds like she is planning to come back when she can :) I've been working really really hard to get to know each girl in my district and help them know how much I love and care about them. We get a new District this Wednesday with 5 more Hermanas!! And 3 Elders. But the Elders will still be outnumbered. 21 to 10.
Today at the temple
All Hermanas in our zone at the temple today
The girls in my district have gotten so much closer this past week! We are all the greatest of friends and I adore each of them so much. The 6 of us will usually spend gym time together playing volleyball or doing fun workout together while we quiz each other on vocab or recite memorized scriptures. Yep. We're pretty cool. And yesterday I threw a little Valentines Day party for the Hermanas in our zone. We didn't have a ton of time... but we had lunch together in my apartment and combined all of our treats that people sent and it was super fun! I love everything about this place and am so grateful for the time I get to spend here. It really is an awesome atmosphere and I look forward to everyday. 
  • My district with Hermana Hansen. She left this week to the field.‏

There's a picture of my teacher Hermano Wright I'll send. It was his anniversery this week so we wrote him a card, decorated the board and gave him some chocolates to share with his wife. He is seriously such a great teacher! Very animated. My other teacher that we got this week is Hermano Christofferson! He is Elder Christofferson's nephew and also married to Trevor and Melissa's Anderson's niece. I think he said her name is Rylee.. Pretty cool. Small world. 
Hermano Wright
Spanish is coming great!! I am SO amazed by how quickly it has stuck with me as well as the other girl's in my district. We all are improving so quickly and becoming more comfortable with the language and teaching in Spanish. I know that this is because the Lord is at the head of this work and he is helping us every step of the way. Thursday during my personal study we were told to pick a topic to study that we want to better explain to our investigator. I chose to study the very first principle that God is our Loving Heavenly Father. The whole study I was trying to think of how I could bless others with this knowledge. It was a very powerful experience and I came to know the nature and love of our Heavenly Father better than before. I know He is in the very details of our lives and loves us with a perfect and unconditional love. Enough that He gave His Only Begotten Son to suffer, bleed and die for us. He blessed us with a perfect plan for us to make it back to Him, the Plan of Redemption. I know that He desires all of His children to return to live with Him again. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve Him for the next 18 months. I know that this gospel is true and it is such a blessing in my life. I am grateful to my parents, grandparents and other leaders who have set such strong examples of faith for me and know that I am truly blessed. I am excited to share this blessing with others not just on my mission but throughout the rest of my life.  

Girls teaching
Well time is about up! I'll send some pictures and hopefully they actually go through this time!! Love you all so much and glad to hear everything is going well at home. The first day I was hear we were advised to read D&C 31. It gave me so much comfort to know that the Lord would be watching over my family while I was away and serving Him. Love you guys! Have a great week!!

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