Saturday, February 8, 2014

Today is my p-day!!!!‏


I am super lucky!! The preparation day for my zone is Saturday!!! So yeah we totally lucked out getting to email home so soon and having a little break from studies today. 

I absolutely love it here so far! Our schedule is really busy and it already feels like I have been here for a really long time!

Wednesday was great!! The other missionary on my flight was also going to Mexico! Saltillo I think. He is from Moses Lake and knows Mitch from EFY. His name is Elder Earl I think.... yeah that sounds right :) Lunch with the cousins was super fun! I am so glad I got to see them all for a little bit before going into the MTC.

I am in the west MTC so its about a 5 minute bus ride from the main campus and we only go over there on Sundays and Tuesday night for devotional. In the west campus we are all Spanish missionaries so everyone greets each other in Spanish and a lot of us try to speak in Spanish all the time. Elder James Olsen was my host when I got to the west MTC. He showed me around and carried my luggage up 3 flights of stairs to my apartment. What a good friend. It was fun to see a familiar face.

On this campus we have apartments rather than dorms which is SUPER nice. I sent you some pictures of our empty apartment. We don't use the kitchen or the couches really. We rarely are in our apartment but its nice to have so much space.      My companion is Hermana Jones!!! She is AWESOME. We actually met on facebook through a sister missionary group and have been messaging the past several months so it felt like we already knew each other. We get along great and work hard together. My district is all Hermanas. 6 girls and no Elders! Its so great. We have the best teacher too. He's very animated and encouraging. We sing and pray together as a zone in Spanish every night.
Thursday night we met our Branch Presidency and had interviews with our President. We talked for about 30 seconds and he asked me to be the Sister Training District Leader. Usually there is a Sister Training Leader per district and an Elder as a District Leader but since my district is all Sisters, I am both. He talked about all my responsibilities super quick and then said he wished he could have me for 18 months but 6 weeks will do. I was totally shocked a little overwhelmed, but  I am SO excited to serve the girls in my district and am trying my best to fill their every need. I truly love each of them very much. They are all from various areas in Utah and all super determined and smart. I made it in an intermediate language district so we jumped right in with the Spanish. All the other districts in our zone are beginning so they are always telling us that we are the new district that is way more advanced than them already. I don't know about that... but I/we have learned a lot in the past few days. I am so amazed by how much our district has improved. 

I am running out of time soon but I am doing great! I am working hard and love the whole atmosphere of the MTC. Yesterday my companion and I taught our first lesson in Spanish and it actually went alright. It is definitely tough with the language barrier but it is incredible how much the Spirit can help you remember words and help you know what to say in the moment. It was an awesome experience. This morning we got to go to the Provo Temple too! I love the temple. 

I thought the MTC would be a time for simply studying Spanish and the gospel.I am learning quickly that this work is much more. It is more about learning to love those around you as Christ would and teaching according to the Spirit. I am trying so hard to serve the girls in my district and know how I can meet their every needs and help them feel loved and encouraged. I am trying to turn my thoughts completely outward and remove any form of pride. I hope everything is going well back home! I love you all and yes Mom I got all of your dear elders and I love hearing from you everyday!! It makes my day. :) One of my jobs is to pick up the district mail but we don't get to open it until 9:30. 

I know that this gospel is true and am loving every minute I get to spend being a missionary and serving others. There is nothing greater than being a missionary!! 

Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten

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