Monday, March 16, 2015


Another awesome week!
We had a really interesting zone meeting on Tuesday about how we can help others understand the doctrine of the gospel which will change their behavior. It was fun to analyze behavior and think about how we can help our investigators understand the gospel doctrine better. 
We were able to take Uriel, Rocio and their uncle Abel to a baptism Tuesday afternoon. They had been asking us to see one. Abel had been less active for over 10 years but has recently activated in the past couple months and is preparing to receive the Priesthood so he can baptize his niece and nephew. It was such a miracle that we were able to get them there last minute. The timing was SO perfect that I know without a doubt that the Lord was guiding our path and helping us all the way. Moments like that when you cannot deny that God exists and is watching over each of us. 
We had a fun plan of salvation lesson with them this week as well. Uriel is 9 and hilarious. We asked him why he wanted get baptized and he responds "I wanna get wet!!! Woo hoo!!!" Gotta help him understand that a little better. Later in the lesson. "Do you know who Adam and Eve are? What do you remember about them?" Uriel: "God kicked them out of the garden because they wouldn't pay the rent!" Never heard that one before. I don't know where he comes up with these things but it was pretty funny and we were trying so hard not to just bust up laughing. It's so fun teaching children :) 

Thursday we taught the relief society how to make banana bars in Bishop's house. It was a fun activity and we were able to bring an investigator and less active member. It turned out really well and we taught them how to play "signs" too. Fun stuff :)

Friday we had a ward family night that was about to fall through but we threw it together last minute because we had a family of investigators show up! A couple and their 4 boys! They have 5 but the oldest was with friends. We planned a quick lesson and taught some more games. It was small but turned out really well. They didn't make it to church but hopefully next week! Their kids are adorable. Little Juan is 4 and kept begging me to pick him up. It was so hard to tell him no over and over again. One of the sad things about being a missionary, we can't carry children. We are hoping they start to progress more. Their dad and oldest brother recently got out of jail. Were not sure why but he's the one who seems most interested. It would be good for them to have a change. 

Church yesterday went well! I've actually been a little sick this past weekend so I was struggling to stay awake but feeling better today. I hope everyone is doing good at home and all is going well! I love being a missionary and every moment I have to serve the Lord. Have a good week!
Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten

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