Monday, March 2, 2015

We had an awesome week!

The four of us in front of the chapel. Love them.
Tuesday we had a really really good zone conference with President Anaya. Learned lots about how we can improve our teaching skill. A big part of being a missionary is striving to improve constantly. There is always so much we can work on to try and be better servants of the Lord. Always trying to reach our potential. 
Wednesday we went to Polanco to renew our visas so we don't get kicked out of Mexico! It took up most of the morning and part of the afternoon. But it was a fun little field trip. Best part of all was that the secretaries took us to Dairy Queen!!
Blizzard... banana strawberry and brownie chunks. Yummy. 
Polanco isn't within the limits of our mission so this was the only chance we were gonna have and just had to take advantage and buy a grande :) SO good. We also found these pretty legit piano stairs in the metro.. or subway. They look like a piano and play music as you step on them like a piano. We thought it was the coolest thing ever.
Piano stairs!
Thursday! Finally had a full day to share the gospel. And a fun day with children. Eduardo´s work schedule had changed and he has been getting home at 11 at night from work. We get to their house and ask how they've been and our little 9 year old convert Raymundo says "muy mal" or really bad. Us.. "Uh.. por que? What happened?" "It's because we haven't been saying our family prayers at night" Love little kids. Good thing is his work schedule changed again and they can now have family prayers. It was just so cute the way he noticed it and was so concerned. Him and our other 9 year old investigator, Uriel became best friends yesterday in Primary :)
Cooking in the other hermana's house!
We also had a fun family night at Bishop's house with a family of investigators to watch the Jose Smith movie. There were 3 adults who are all siblings and their kids. 5 of them under 10. They were so good during the movie which was an answer to our prayers and afterwards when we asked them each how they felt during it. We got some "bonito" or good I guess? it means pretty but you wouldn't really use that in English.. :) Some "bien" and "alegria" or happy! And then 9 year old Ashley "Tristeza" or sadness.... "Por que?" "because they told him none of the churches were true. He couldn't find the true church." So cute. And it gave us an awesome opportunity to testify of the part that happened at the end of the movie. The restoration. They understood well and are all working for to reach their baptism date :) But... still haven't gone to church! Getting there.
Our zone activity today we had a little city building competition between our districts. We made them out of corn tortilla dough stuff... there is a lot of it here. Pretty sure I've eaten way too much of it the last year. It was fun though.. kinda turned in to a tortilla maiz war... but it was a good time :)
Our zone conference this week.
Friday we got taken out to eat for the comida to a Chinese Mexican fast food place... And that explains why Saturday we weren't able to leave the house. First day I've ever had to stay home all day but it hit my comp really hard. I lucked out and didn't chose the orange chicken and was fine but Hermana Wilkinson and Hermana Fowler were both pretty sick. I was able to leave for a couple hours with Bishop's daughter for a couple appointments but other than that no. But it was still a really productive day. Deep cleaned the house.... sewed on all the buttons that have fallen off in the past year... painted my nails... went hunting for spiders and roaches for a bit too. I hate it when they surprise me so I figured better that I surprise them first. Ended up winning about 8 to 0. Yep. I've gotten pretty brave.
From Hermana Fowler's camera.
Sunday was great as always! Eduardo´s brother came to church and accepted a baptismal date! He's pretty cool! He has dreadlocks too. Good guy. Well I better get going! Love you all and hope you have a great week! Hermana Rhoten
Baptism of Gerardo a couple weeks ago in Balbuena!!!

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