Monday, February 23, 2015

We had a short week this time!

This morning we got to see Meet the Mormons in the Visitor's Center. I loved it! It's coming to some theaters here this Friday so they let all the missionaries see it so we can tell others to go see it. It was really good and I'm so grateful to be Mormon and have the gospel in my life.
This morning the Hermanas came over for breakfast! We made scrambled eggs and ham and hotcakes. So good. Love them.

I kinda got distracted today playing on family search and researching family history stuff. It was really interesting but now I don't have much time... :) Sorry! But it was really cool. We have some awesome stories on there. 

It was a good week! We were working lots with the other Hermanas in our ward because one of them was sick. I got to do divisions with Hermana Fowler a couple times and we worked in both areas. It was way fun to get to teach together again. We also passed the best reference to the Elders ever. It's a girl named Kimberly that I was teaching in my other area in Balbuena. She could never get baptized because she was living with her less active boyfriend and they didn't want to get married. She finally moved out and lives in the ward right next to mine! We introduced her to the Elders that are going to teach her and she came to our ward because hers is later during her work hours. Can't even explain how happy I was to see her and happy to see her at church! She should now be able to get baptized soon. I taught her quite a bit in my other area and love her lots!
We went to the CV this week with Julian! He still has to get over a few doubts but is doing well and close to his baptized. He admitted after watching a video of Christs life that he really is the Son of God. (big step with him!)
Also Rocio and Uriel came to church yesterday!! Rocio is 17 and Uriel is 9. Their mom and uncle are less active members that are reactivating. Her mom has been cold for a little while but is finally warming up and we are hoping they can get baptized soon. Uriel loved the primary :)
And we saw our old district leader at the CV today! Elder Beatoncourt. He is leaving soon! So we took a picture :)
One little moment that made my week this week was talking with our 12 year old recent convert, Araceli. She has always told us she was Emo and wears pure black and is very quiet and usually sad. She had told us before that she has no friends at school and we had made her a promise that if she went to church she would find friends. Well she's been going to church... got baptized last week and this week when we came was so happy to tell us that she has found friends at church. And she was smiling. And she was wearing a white shirt... :) So cool to see that the Lord always blesses us and to see the promise we had made to her come true! 

All is good! Working hard and seeing lots of miracles. Loving the work and the people. Hope everyone has a good week! Love you all lots. 

Hermana Rhoten

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