Monday, February 9, 2015

Hola! We had an awesome week!

Working hard and seeing lots of results. The Lord is trusting us with lots of His prepared children right now and we are keeping really busy.

Saturday Hermana Guadelupe got baptized!!! YAY! She was an eternal investigator in our ward that the other Hermanas had been teaching. Well she's been taught for a long time... so lots of people have been teaching her... so... just about half the mission came to her baptism. This picture doesn't quite have everyone. It was lots of missionaries! The assistants are next to me then our zone leaders and the district leaders are behind them... everyone's tried teaching and being patient with her and she finally chose to get baptized. She was SO happy and it was fun to see her confident in her decision. :)

And Sunday! Rodrigo got baptized! Hes just golden. Contacted us. Started going to church. He's a chef and never had time for us to teach him in his house during the week so we teach him every Sunday during gospel principles. The week before his baptism we had to get through all the commandments. He had a coffee drinking habit and when we taught word of wisdom he response was "I didn't know!" I could have been so much healthier all this time. I've even been going here for a month and no one told me it was a commandment of God." Opps... I guess we should have mentioned that sooner but we never see him during the week. "Is it going to be hard for you to drop your coffee?" "Well its a habit of 30 years but I'm not going to drink it anymore. And I'm a man of my word." So cool. And he hasn't since that day.

Also yesterday Eduardo had his interview and is ready for his baptism this Saturday!! Yep. Valentine's day baptism. So excited to have the whole family get baptized together. Well Eduardo, Araceli and Raymundo. Dulce Maria has to wait another year to turn 8. And we are still working with their grandma Maria Luisa. And their mom abandoned them four years ago. Saddest thing ever. But so happy to see them accepting the gospel. Little Raymundo is so excited to be baptized. He talks about it all the time. Children are perfect. 

Our investigator Julian is progressing well. When we first found him he didn't believe in God. It's slowly changing and he has definitely felt the Spirit. Last Monday we watch the Finding Faith in Christ movie and he loved it. Later in the week we taught the law of chastity and he wasn't to thrilled about that one. Longest law of chastity and obedience lesson I've ever taught but in the end he accepted it. We invited him to talk to his girlfriend and show her the pamphlet when he saw her the next day..... And he did! And it didn't go so well.. but hey he did it! So cool to see people with a sincere desire to follow the Lord. He was a little sad that it didn't go well but said over the phone "I know praying will give me strength" Hopefully he will be ready to get baptized soon! 

Araceli and Manuel are both confirmed and doing well! They are excited about the church and sharing the gospel with their family members. So fun to see. 

President Galicia surprised us with tortas de tamales and hot chocolate one morning. Its a Mexico City thing. Pretty good. So fun living with members.

Well the work goes on. Lots to do and learn. God lives. He loves us and I don't have a doubt in my heart that he hears and answers my prayers. Sending my love! Have a good week :)

Hermana Rhoten! 

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