Monday, February 2, 2015

Hola! Another week has come and gone.

It's scary how fast the days go by. My comp and I complete a year in the mission this week! So crazy.

We are doing well and learning lots. I have really grown to cherish my study time. Since the Hermanas still aren't allowed to be out in the street past 7:30 without a member until the time changes again in April, we do some of our studies at night so we can leave earlier in the morning. I love being able to study twice a day and have developed a strong love for the scriptures especially the Book of Mormon. I was in the Isaiah chapters of the Book of Mormon today. It was a tough pday study but I'm learning to love Isaiah too. Before Grandpa Rhoten passed away he counseled me to read and study Isaiah's profecias because they were written for our day and it is important for us to understand them. Gotta keep working on that.
We found this lizard on our wall this week and caught it with a pitcher. We were all freaking out thinking he was gonna run away really fast and get lost in the house but no. He was a good little lizard.
Araceli got baptized yesterday!!! She is such an angel. We love her so much and were so happy to see her get baptized. She was just so prepared and understand the importance of baptism. He neighbor is a recent convert and has been a good example to her. We sung her the primary song When I was Baptized or I think that is what its called. Cuando Me Bautice. She started to cry and I could feel the Spirit so strongly. Lots of the members from the ward came and some investigators too. She was so happy :)
Araceli's baptism. She was so ready. So happy for her.

Also yesterday was fast and testimony meeting!! We are usually pretty crazy Sundays... getting investigators out of bed and running with them to church. Then leaving when investigators are calling us lost or trying to find those who haven't arrived. Yesterday was one of those Sundays. Then I got up to remind the Bishopric announce the baptism and figured I better share my testimony while I was up there.
Visitors Center!!! Again. Gotta go at least once a week. They loved it. Raymundo had left to work with his grandma. I was sad he didn't get to come. We will have to go again... :)
Little Raymundo was making faces at me like he wanted to come too. I nodded my head to tell him yes but he didn't follow. As soon as I sat down he came up to me "Hermana Rhoten when am I gonna get to say my testimony?" So cute. I told him right now if he wanted and asked what his testimony was... unsure of what my 9 year old investigator would share with the ward. We walked up anyways. "My testimony is that I know God exists. I know because he gave me my family." He said a couple sentences about his family members and closed saying again. "I know that God exists." Yep. Children are the greatest. So pure, sweet and faithful.

I know this church is true and and so thankful to be a member of it. The principles and ordinances of the gospel are eternal truths that cannot be changed or altered. God's children that live with him forever in His kingdom will be those who chose to live the truth. 

Love you all and hope your week is full of joy and sunshine :) 

 Hermana Rhoten


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