Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!!!‏

Hola!! The weeks go by SO quick in the MTC!! It seems like I was just emailing. I saw Amanda Whitlock on main campus last week before one of the devotionals. Its always fun to see familiar faces. I really love it here! Every week gets better. We learn so much and so fast. My district is very dedicated :) We lose a district from our zone Monday morning!! It will be way weird without them but I am SO excited for them all. The Hermana that was helping me as sister zone leader is leaving so President asked my companion to be the new leader in training!! I was SO happy he did. She is really the greatest. We get along so well and I love her. It will be easier to meet with Hermanas as a companionship and work together to help and serve the Hermanas in our zone. They are all so great. 
Aubrey Callahan and James Olsen - friends from home that are also in the MTC.
Some goals Hermana Jones and I made this week are to memorize a scripture each day either in English or Spanish. We have a good 5 min walk to and from our apartment so we practice reciting then and sometimes during gym time. We also started having a companionship devotional at 10:00 and reflect over the day and our lessons and share scriptures and thoughts and talk about each others strengths and any concerns for the Hermanas in the zone, then at 10:15 its silent time so we can each have our personal devotional time with our Heavenly Father, and lights out at 10:30. Its been so nice to take this time to reflect. It helps calm my mind down from the busy day and I fall asleep much faster. Our last goal has been to really strive to see everyone the way our Father in Heaven would. Not only loving them, but realizing their eternal potential too as a child of God. Its been a really cool experience so far.
Saying goodbye to Hermano Fullmer!! His last day working at the MTC. The teachers here are AWESOME :)
I don't know what else for this week. I do have my visa for sure. That's why I was in Salt Lake last week. They hold onto it with my passport til I leave. Should get my travel itinerary this Friday and fly out the 17th :) Can't wait to get to Mexico!! But I'm making the most of my time here as well! The MTC is a special place and I love being surrounded by other missionaries who are all striving to serve the Lord and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. There's nothing better than being a missionary!!

Have fun with the Hatch kiddos! Tell them I say hi and I love them :) Love you all mucho and hope you are doing well!!!!

Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten

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