Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hola!!! Only one more week!!!!‏

Hola!! We got our travel plans yesterday!!!!! I report at 4:30 am next Monday and fly out of Salt Lake at 8:30 to Atlanta and then to Mexico City!!! I am SO excited!! I will be able to call you in the airport. We have a good 2 and a half our layover in Atlanta. This week was GREAT!! It is SO crazy how fast it goes by and how much we learn. Mom I got the shoes you sent! They are WAY cute. And really comfortable. I like them a lot more than I did in the picture and think I'll be set now with three pairs. So thank you!! I am going to send my brown boots home before I leave because they aren't waterproof like I was hoping and it is going to be warm in Mexico. If I need rainboots I'll just buy some cheap ones there. It was nice to have them while I was here in Provo though :) 
Hermanas that left the MTC this past week
And thank you Jana for the package!!! Totally made my day! Strawberries are a lost cause here at the MTC. Well on west campus anyways. Lots of bananas and apples and canned fruit but fresh strawberries......!!! My comp and I were WAY excited! And the dark chocolate coconut almonds. I told my mom I could do without them but I was wrong. They are SO good. Hermana Jones had never tried them so I've got her addicted now too. They are incredible. And butterfinger and peanut butter is the greatest combination. Those are way good too. 
This week we said goodbye to the district in our zone that we had gotten really close with. They turned the Wyview apartments into classrooms for west campus so they were the other district in our apartment and now it's just us. A little bit quiet and lonely but it was easier to focus and study this week! We had lots of fun with them though! There are so many AMAZING people  here at the MTC. I am blown away by the goodness and dedication of all the missionaries and teachers. It really is a special place and an incredible time to be a missionary!!!
Elders and Hermanas that left this week
I am getting really comfortable with Spanish and am not really nervous about the language at all. I know that the Spirit will be able to testify through my broken Spanish and with all the work I'm putting in it will all work out! My comp and I went to a Spanish session today at the Temple and we could understand about 60...70%... depending on how fast they were talking. But I love the language!! My thoughts and dreams are all in Spanglish. Its way weird. And since west campus is all Spanish missionaries whenever we are off campus like for devotionals or pdays we forget that others don't know what we are saying when we talk to them in Spanish. We get lots of funny expressions. 

Everything is going great! Don't know if there's anything else to say. My comp and I made a goal this week to make our companion devotionals each night completely centered on Christ. Each night we look over our many notes from the day and its amazing to see how everything testifies and points back to Christ. He is our Savior and King. I want everyone to learn of Him and the joy that comes through Him. He is the light and the hope of the world. I love being able to wake up every morning and see His name on my nametag. 

We really worked hard this week and it amazes me how much we learn everyday. My comp and I set some more goals on how to keep improving and how to better serve our fellow Hermanas. We are trying our best to give our whole selves to the Lord and hold nothing back. To do all we can each day to glorify God and follow the example of His Beloved Son. We hit our one month mark this past Wednesday!!! That was way crazy! It goes by so quick!!! Only 17 more now. Got to make the most of every  moment. Its the best feeling to come back to the apartment COMPLETELY exhausted every night knowing that we did our best to be consecrated servants of the Lord. We definitely aren't anywhere near perfect but we are giving are all and constantly thinking of how we can give more. My companion is awesome. And my whole district. It will be sad to say goodbye to them next week but SO excited for all the great experiences we will have!  I can't wait to get to Mexico!!! 

Time is getting close to up! Hope everything is going well at home!! And you are having a fun time in Vegas! Happy Birthday Kathryn this week!! And Brenda Sullivan right?! Today I think! That's cool that you get to see Cameron tomorrow. Hope he is doing well. Tell Madison good luck cheering at State! And hope Don and Tara had a BLAST in Hawaii!!! And thanks for sending pictures of the cousins. They are ADORABLE!!

Love you all lots and have a good week!!!

Hermana Rhoten

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