Monday, April 28, 2014

Hola everyone! We had an awesome week!!

Lots of ups and downs with investigators but overall good :) Looks like the birthday parties were fun this weekend! Dads 46 now right? Pretty old. And Lewis tomorrow is 2!! He is so cute with his cake. Love the photos of all the cousins :) I got your Easter letter this week!! I loved it. Thank you so much!
 The super good ice cream fruit things the Perez family always gets us.
The weather here has been way cool! I didn't mention it last week but everyday the past two weeks we've have thunder lightning and lots of rain. Sometimes hail. Except for today actually :) But its still really warm! We love the rain!! Especially walking outside all day in the heat. Definitely an answer to our prayers :)
Our investigator Jorge works here.
 He gives us free ice cream or in this case frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and granola. He only works weekends tho.
Me and my banana
The other day while we were planning we went through the area book of past investigators and there was an Elder Ward that served in my area. Sydney Ward's brother served in this mission yeah? I asked the Perez family yesterday and they were all really excited and started telling stories about him and how great of an Elder he was. It's cool to make connections like that. Even though I don't really know him. Hopefully I get to serve in one of the wards that Lance served in. That would be way cool! I also found out that I'm the first American Hermana in this ward in the past 25 years or so. It just sounds cool :) 
Pretending to crash on the couch at the Perez's house today. I really miss having a couch. 
Transfers are tomorrow but my comp and I are both staying in this area which is what we expected because I am still in training. We are both WAY stoked tho! We didn't want to leave. We have lots and lots of investigators right now but not lots that are progressing. Everyone is very kind and willing to listen to our message and be our friends but they don't actually want to change or go to church. We are praying to find the people that are really prepared to hear and accept our message. We are trying hard to be totally consecrated to the work and exactly obedient in every way. We feel like we are planting lots of seeds but not many are growing right now. Ive been told that this is one of the harder areas in the mission because people have a little more money and don't think they need anything else.
Last Sunday in our ward before transfers.  One of the companionships is leaving.
Our area is like a little town with tons of little stores and the there's a bunch of gated neighborhoods. We teach lots of people from work which is really fun! Everyone knows who we are by now and is always looking out for us and offering us food or flowers from our flower shop friends :) I love my companion and am excited to work with her for another transfer! I have learned a lot from her. Our ward is working with us more too :) I am excited to skype in a couple weeks and share more stories. I'm out of time to type any out right now but I love my mission and am so grateful for the opportunity to serve.
We went out to breakfast today with the Elders and Diana.
Breakfast this morning
Diana did my nails today.  She is crazy good at it.

Guess what?! One of our investigators just barely called and said she wants us to come by tonight :) We are WAY excited because we had been teaching her almost daily since I got here and she was on date for baptism and gone to church and felt the Spirit testify so strongly when she was at the Visitors Center but she didn't want to accept it and told us last week she was done because she didn't want to change and accept that Joseph Smith was a Prophet. She is 17 and has come SO far the past few weeks so we really didn't want to lose her. Hopefully everything goes well :) We really love and care about her. 
My decorated desk area
Anyways I'm out of time! Sorry nothing too exciting this week. But all is good and love being here in Mexico! I have learned a lot and truly seen that through faith in the Lord we can accomplish great things. He is our Savior and King. 

Have a good week! 

Hermana Rhoten 2

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