Monday, April 21, 2014

Hola! Feliz Pascua ayer!

   Sounds like you had an awesome week! I love all the fun pictures :) 

This week was really great! I learned lots and my Spanish is skyrocketing!! I love the language and am way excited cuz I finally have a personality in Spanish. Like I can joke and laugh and understand much better. My comp and I would always joke that I am a different person in Spanish but its finally getting to where I can be myself which is nice :) I can hold one on one conversations in Spanish and talk on the phone too. And I got to speak yesterday in church and everyone told me they could understand everything!! I talked about love and charity relating it to missionary work. Although I'm sure they wouldn't say if they couldn't. We have an awesome ward. All so kind. 
My district
This week was the Semana Santa here in Mexico. So break from school for the kids and lots of people out of town on vacation so it made it a little hard to schedule appointments but we still stayed very busy :) They don't celebrate Easter like we do like candy or the Easter bunny which is sad but my comp and I decorated anyways! Thanks so much for the package! I shared lots of it with our district. The chocolate covered coconut almonds didn't make it to Easter Sunday..... :) But they were really good!

Me being the Easter bunny Saturday night.  We decorated the ironing board.
I also got grandmas card in the mail! Thanks so much! I would write back but I realized I don't have any international stamps. I will try to find some. About food, we eat with members once a day around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. For breakfast I either have an omlete with oregano, avocado, lime, tomato and cactus flax seed corn tortillas... or a protein shake with frozen bananas or spinach smoothies or oatmeal. Then well have a snack around 11 or 12 after studying before we head out to work. Usually a granola bar or apple or mango. Then in the evening we might have a fruit or snack or not. Just depends. But they food here is great! We eat good for sure.
My spinach smoothie. Green for my Easter breakfast.

Our soymilk collection. We are obsessed and always have to stock up. we thought it was funny there was so many tho. This brand is wayyyyy good. lots of different flavors. you should see if they have it in the US
 Otro picture is yesterday we ate at Diana Perez con su familia y had this way good ice cream stuff in a pina. 
This is so good!
Since my companion is one of the Sister Training Leaders for the mission we have divisions with other Hermanas 5 times every transfer cycle. Since there aren't many Hermanas in this mission and they just started coming in December, almost everyone is training still or just finished training. When ever we do divisions I go to the other area with that trainer and the other new missionary goes with my comp. It's been way fun to see other areas and get to know other Hermanas! They are all so amazing! Friday morning I was in an area about an hour from mine and we had an earthquake! It was pretty sweet! It wasn't that strong but it lasted quite a while. Well I thought it was like 30 seconds but everyone I've asked says it was more like 2 mins. But it was way cool! Everything was shaking and we pretended we were surfing :) We've been told they have them a lot here and sometimes they can be pretty bad... so well take more precaution next time... tehe :) 
All of our zone today.
One day I was with Hermana Brasga and her area is a little more sketchy and with two American Hermanas... we got so many looks and calls but it was fun too! A group of little girls ran up to us and were all excited and begging us to speak English for them. It was really cute! :) Lots of people here will call me gueta which means blondy. 
Candy from the zone activity
Yesterday I started memorizing the Living Christ in Spanish during my study. I hadn't gone through it in a while and was grateful for the chance to reflect on my Savior and His life. It reminded me of how much the Atonement has helped me in my life and how it strengthens me everyday. I know that Christ lives! I know that He is our Savior and King. He is guiding this Church and directing this work. "He is the light, the life and the hope of the world. His was is the path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come. God be thanked for the matchless gift of His Divine Son."
I met Tracey Porter who is a friend of James Olsen and his family at the Temple visitor Center. Last night they had a thing at the visitors center where the hermanas there sang and President spoke. It was for investigators. So many missionaries from all of Mexico city were there! We brought Romina with us. It was way cool!

I am so grateful for my calling and opportunity to be a missionary! Hope you all have a great week! Oh! And Happy Birthday to Padre this Sunday!!! Love you and hope your day is extra special!! I will be sending a birthday gift package sometime within the next month. So... your gift is coming really late but it will come :) I gotta find something really cool and Mexico.. ish. I want to find a Mexico tie because you always wear Miranda's Peru tie....But well see :) Love you all lots!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Rhoten 2

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