Monday, April 7, 2014

Hola Familia!

I took a picture of myself Saturday cuz I realized I didn't have any from the week. Proof I am doing well.

Sounds like you are all doing well. This week has been great :) I'm getting a lot more comfortable with the area, people, language and everything now. I had been SO excited for conference and heard that missionaries get the choice to watch it in English or Spanish. Then Tuesday at our zone meeting they announced that President wanted everyone to watch it in Spanish. I wasn't all that excited but decided that I was going to work extra hard listening and comprehending in Spanish all week so I could understand the messages. It was difficult at first and I was trying to translate a lot in my head and follow the mouth of the speaker to read what they were saying in English and then put it onto my notes. But gradually through lots of prayer and concentration I was able to understand just about everything that was being said. It really was a miracle!

Later Sunday evening we were visiting a member's house and they were just about to watch the Prophet's talk from the morning session... in English :) (their daughter is an English teacher) I felt SO very blessed and don't think I've ever in my life been so grateful to listen to the Prophet's voice. After working so hard to understand in Spanish all weekend. This was my sweet reward.  
Yesterday after conference together the Elders wanted to take a picture to remember the day. Goes me then my comp then Elder Inguez, Macias, Welch, and Gallardo.
We have been trying really hard to work with the members in our ward more to get references and investigator lessons in their house. In the MTC my teacher emphasized that we often think the missionaries are in the ward to do missionary work and then the members help out with our work when they can but instead it should be the member's work and we are there to guide them through and help them out in every way we can. We set dates to do FHE with all the members in our area this week and challenged them to bring neighbors or friends. We are hoping this helps! And on that note... family back home... I want to hear about your missionary opportunities :) 

We had so many little miracles this week! Some really really good days and a couple that were a little tough. But even on the hard days when we feel like everyone is rejecting us and we've been walking all day with little success, we still see the Lord's hand in His work and know we are not alone. Friday was one of those days. Everyone bailed on us and we were really struggling to find people to listen. And it was hot. About 6 in the evening and still hadn't taught a single lesson which was discouraging coming from having 11 opportunities to share the gospel the day before and an investigator we've been working with since I've gotten here commit to baptism :) Anyways that was a good day. Really good day. But back to Friday..we past a little store that is owned by a less active member family. We literally didn't even have to try. They introduced us to their friend and told him he should listen to our message. We talked for a min and it was clear that he had been prepared to hear the message. We set an appointment and were about to leave when they were like aren't you going to give him something? He loves to read. I pulled out a Book of Mormon and bore my testimony of its truthfulness. It doesn't sound like much but after feeling so beat and rejected all day, having the chance to share this divine truth with all my heart to someone who was ready and willing to listen was the greatest blessing! I love sharing the gospel and am reminded every time why I am here serving and struggling to understand a new language and culture. And also they gave us a mango popsicle :) And as we were leaving I found a peso in a bush. Yep we were happy. 
This is Deana. The one who made us breakfast today and is going on a mission.
One of my favorite talks this past weekend was Elder Uchtdorf about gratitude and how we can choose to be grateful in any circumstances. My companion and I made a goal to help each other become more grateful people. To not only share the hope and happiness that comes from the gospel but honestly live it too. There is ALWAYS reason to rejoice. And that reason is the Savior. I also loved David A. Bednar's talk about coming unto Christ and letting Him take our burdens. I can testify that I know this is true. It is possible to live with a PERFECT BRIGHTNESS OF HOPE because of the Savior and His infinite sacrifice. We are never alone in this life and I am so grateful for this knowledge.
I also loved the many messages of families! I can't even express how grateful I am for my family. That's something I've noticed more since I've been away from home. I am so very blessed and love and miss you lots! 

Con mucho amor!

Hermana Rhoten 2

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  1. Thank you for putting these up! I love reading them and look forward to them. I love and miss Hermana Rhoten, but I'm so so proud of her!