Monday, May 12, 2014


Earlier this week I was thinking that I wasn't gonna have anything to write today because I could just tell you everything over skype but the hour passed by so quick. No worries. I still have lots to say :)
Our Mother's day flowers :) We didn't have any appointments Saturday because it's Mothers day here and everyone was gone! But we got some flowers from our flower investigatores and took them to some of the women we love here and shared a hymn and scripture. It was a fun day :)

 It was sweet getting to skype as a family and talk together though. And way fun to talk to Miranda en Espanol! I am excited to be able to talk together when we get home. I was a little nervous I was gonna get homesick and distracted after seeing and hearing everyone but no. It was AWESOME!! But I love my mission and couldn't imagine leaving. I feel like by being away from home I've developed a lot stronger love and appreciation for my family. I love when people here ask about my home and family and always jump on opportunities to share stories or pictures, but I know that this is where the Lord wants me right now. The time has already gone by way fast so I am trying hard to make every moment count. It will be fun to skype again at Christmas though! Really not that far away. 
We have seen SO many miracles this week. God really is a God of miracles. Every week has been getting better and my companion and I have been SO happy!! Last Sunday we were convinced that it was the happiest day of our lives. But I dunno. Yesterday was up there too! We had 6 investigatores make it to church and it was crazy helping them and making sure they felt comfortable. We have a lot who are preparing to be baptized right now and our focus this past week has been fully on them and helping them feel ready that we haven't been as good at contacting and finding new investigatores. We just haven't had time. Lots of appointments but the cool thing is that the Lord really does provide. The ward is working with us a lot more and we are getting more references and support. 

And Mother's day flowers with Lilia. She works at the laundria.
My companion and I have had some really good study sessions over the past few weeks on how we can improve and exercise more faith so that the Lord really can do His work through us. We have been trying really hard to remove all doubts and really trust that the Lord will provide. And it's worked!!! Heavenly Father really does hear and answer our prayers. We have seen lots of progress in the people we are teaching and for the most part they are progressing on their own. We don't even do that much. This really is the Lord's work and He is guiding it. Hermana Burrola and I are constantly amazed. 
Matching nails with Hermana Benita :) Diana´s mom
Our sweet Romina is going to be baptized this Sunday! We love her so much and she has changed so much!! She is 17 right now and a few days ago asked us when she can leave on a mission! She said she wants to go to Argentina :) We have been SO happy because of her progress and can't wait for this Sunday. I could go on about her for hours. She proved to us that everyone can change and that we shouldn't give up on them. With pacience, diligence and faith, all things are possible. 

We feel so loved and spoiled in this area. Everyone gives us things. The people here are very loving and giving. We joke that if we get transferred we will starve because we get lots of free food here :) We had an investigator invite us to 6 flags for a pday too! Offered to pay and everything but it's not in our mission anymore. It's just a little bit out of the boundaries so we aren't allowed to go. But that's alright :) We are truly SO blessed!
Yep! More pineapple ice cream from the Perez family. Spoiled.
We also had some fun earthquakes this week! Well one on Thursday and the rest were just replicas. Apparently it measured a little bit smaller than the last one we had a few weeks ago but it felt way stronger. My comp and I were just entering into an appointment. It was like... ¨Mucho gusto¨... Ësta temblando!¨ Or like.. ¨nice to meet you¨... ïts an earthquake!¨So yeah everyone ran outside and it felt like the whole world was spinning and everything was moving back and forth. Or like we were on waves like surfing or something. My comp and I weren't really freaked out at all. I think they're kinda fun but the people around us looked terrified, hugging each other like it was the end of the world. It really wasn't bad and nothing fell but they have had some really bad ones here before. They just don't scare us because we don't know how bad they could be. The other were about four other little ones that we felt in the past few days. We have heard that there might be one more replica but no one really knows. But the past few nights my comp and I have been sleeping with socks and sweats and jackets and our shoes, keys, phone and cameras ready just in case...tehe. We told the Elders and they were making fun of us but we want to be prepared :)
Swinging at the park this morning after my pday run :) Beautiful day :)

Little miss Emily Cabbage!! I was SO happy to hear from you again and honestly overjoyed to know that your swimming and jumping in the pool without fear! It brought back lots of fun memories from last summer in the pool and makes me feel so good to know that you can enjoy swimming now. That's one thing I have missed on the mission but definitely gonna jump in the pool when I get home. Mexico is AWESOME!! The mission is the greatest experience and I am loving the city. We live in part of a inactive families house. They are so kind and always willing to help us and receive us in their home to share the gospel. My companion´s name is Karla Monique Burrola :) She is so great! We have become really good friends and I LOVE working with her! I hope you are loving Spokane and getting to do school with your mom. What a great blessing. Enjoy every moment you get to spend with her. That is a relationship that will last forever and be a huge blessing in your life. Hmmm cool things about Mexico... the city is built on water which is pretty cool. It rains a lot!! Almost everyday. And its hard to predict. One day this past week my companion and I had been carrying our umbrellas with us all day and then we had to stop by the house before our last appointment and we decided it wasn't gonna rain so we left them. Then it started pouring!!!! Running home in the rain only a couple blocks away and we were soaked!!! I'll send some pictures.

      The next day we were sure again it wasn't gonna rain but it did. And our investigator made us plastic bags to cover our head as protection. It was way funny :) I'll be back either August or September of 2015. Not too far away :) Love you and hope you are doing well!

Well I think that's about everything for today! Hope everyone is doing well at home! I know that the gospel is true and am so grateful for the many blessings it has brought into my life. I hope everyone had the greatest mother's day! I love my mother and am so grateful for her example and support in my life. And very grateful to know that my family is eternal. Have a good week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Rhoten 2

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