Monday, May 26, 2014

Buenos Dias!! We had an awesome week!

I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. I feel like I just got here still but I guess its been two and a half months. We already have transfers again in a couple weeks. It's way crazy how fast the time flies in the mission! Have to make the most of every day :) 
I'm writing kinda early today because there's some cultural festival thing in al centro or the socalo I think it's called. We went there my second week here and it's way huge and I got some cool pictures. But today they have some thing where there's lots of different cultures and food and stuff from each country. It sounds cool :) I am using half of my time now and then will get on later to send pictures! 
With the toy story guy in the street!
U.S. just had hotdogs, cupcakes and brownies! Pretty funny :)
I am having a hard time keeping up with replying to emails so sorry but I still LOVE getting them and hearing from everyone. Madison Rose! I have lots I want to tell you. I will hopefully get time to email you later today but if not I will get a letter in the mail soon :) Glad Kerry is pushing you to start family history more. We got permission to do it on pdays and I teach it lots! It's hard to find time but I'll work on it when I can. Pretty sure there are still some names on my user that you could take to the temple :) I'm SO excited for you and Siena to start swim lessons!! You are going to LOVE it!!! Oh and tell Siena happy birthday! Even though I'm a month late! Also I love your goals to share the gospel! Share them with the Lord in your prayers. As you pray specifically you will receive specific answers of how you can share the gospel and be an instrument in His hands. There is nothing better than the joy that comes from sharing the gospel and watching others accept it and change their lives for the better! Love you! Looks like you and Dad had a successful fishing trip as well! Good work! 
We had another baptism yesterday! She had been taking lessons since October and almost all the Elders who had taught her were able to come too! That's the plus about having a small mission! With their extra companions and all there were 12 missionaries there! It was way fun and the Spirit was really strong! We all sang together and took some fun pictures. Mahetzi is the girl who was baptized. Her boyfriend is a member but had been inactive. It's been really sweet to watch how her example has helped him come back. They both had a glow on their faces yesterday. It was really a beautiful day!
With Mahetzi!!
All the missionaries that came! And her with her boyfriend.
We had divisions again this week! I love working with other Hermanas and getting to know them. Hermana Campbell came to my area! All the Hermanas in our mission are really so great! There was another small earthquake this week. Only a 5.0 I think. Around 3 in the morning. My companion and I were asleep and didn't feel anything though :) 
We love the metros!! Or subway. Especially when its empty like this :) Nap time.
Romina just keeps improving more and more!! The fruits of the mission are so sweet! Ivan Diaz still came to church yesterday! That's the family whose mother just past away. Him and his mom were the only ones who were really active so I'm sure it was really hard for him to come without her. We are working with the other family members and sharing with them the plan of salvation. We are so blessed to have the knowledge that this life isn't the end and that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. Thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ, we can all be resurrected. The gospel is so beautiful and really brings so much joy and hope even in a world that's unstable and full of challenges. Just this morning in my study I finished the Book of Mormon again. I know that this book is true and am so incredibly grateful for these records that God has preserved for us and for our day. I know with out a doubt that it is true and my love for it has grown tremendously here on my mission studying and teaching from it daily. 
I can make perfect omelets now! Mom would be proud.
There's always so much more I could write but I want to save time to send pictures in a few hours so I better get off! Love you all and hope the best for everyone! Have a good week :) Hermana Rhoten 2

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