Monday, June 2, 2014

Hola!!! Another AWESOME week!

At Rebecca's house for our comida before the rain.
I can't believe how fast the time goes by! I usually try to write a little note card through out the week of things I want to say but I didn't have time so hopefully I can remember. So many good things happen on the mission and I've had lots of cool experiences. It's hard to fit all of them over email. 

Yesterday we had a crazy Sunday! It's always hard picking up everyone in the morning because church starts at 8 so lots of times we pass by and people aren't ready. We had one investigator that was confused and took the camion to the temple! We felt so bad!!! But it was an awesome fast and testimony meeting! Lots of investigators came between us and the other four Elders. I really love this ward! 
Walking back in the pouring rain. We forgot umbrellas but Rebecca was coming with us to our next appointment but she couldn't find any umbrellas either so we all put on big coats and walked to grab some from our house. It's a good 20..25 min walk from her house and my clothes were soaked through the coat! Crazy rain.
Us with Rebecca! She helps us lots with lessons! She just barely turned 19. We are hoping she will decide to serve a mission :)
Saturday night some Elders in our zone called and asked me if I could come play the piano at their baptism. I can play a few songs so for our zone meetings I've played but just like three songs I practiced before my mission. They must have not sounded too bad because for some reason people think I know how to play the piano now. It was for a 10 year old girl so they wanted me to play I'm trying to be like Jesus while they sang. I told them I didn't know how but I could try the right hand. They were all like yeah yeah that's fine. It would be really special for her. So they got President's permission and we headed over there after the first couple hours of our ward. I prayed a lot and practiced a little and was able to get through with the right hand sounding fine. It was a honestly a miracle though! I'm impressed that Mason could play that song so well for my farewell! It's hard. Tell him  not to quit ever... because it will come in handy on his mission for sure! Now the other Elders in our ward want me to play for their baptism on Tuesday. But an easier song :) 

The little girl was really thankful that we were there though! People aren't really used to seeing Hermanas so they treat us like celebrities. It was pretty fun! After the family of the girl invited us over to eat with the Elders. It was super good too :) When they asked where I was from Elder Rodriguez told them Guadalajara and they totally believed him! I had already been talking for a while so I guess my greenie accent is getting better :) I've been told by lots of people that I learned really fast. After we went straight to another baptism for some Elders in our district. The whole district went to sing and support them. It was a beautiful service for a young family :) 
I ate crickets this morning at Diana's house. I had been told that they are really good. I really just did it for the picture at first but they actually aren't bad at all. Once you put it in your mouth and bite down. That's the hard part but after they are way good :)
Also last night we had a family night with the Diaz family! We LOVE them and it turned out really good! It's interesting because they are all in different places with their testimony. Ivan recently reactivated, Gaby starting to reactivate the past month, her husband Paco starting to have some interest but not a member, their dad inactive and angry with the passing away of his wife. We taught the plan of salvation with all of them and talked about how they can strengthen their family and prepare to have an eternal family. When I laid out my plan of salvation visuals on the table, Paco was up out of his seat to get a better look at it. The look on his face was like I had just revealed all the answers to life. He was so fascinated it was cool to see. We really do take for granted the blessing of having the gospel in our lives. The Spirit was really strong during the whole lesson and we had a really good time. They are such an awesome family and we really really want them to be together forever. I know they can get there. 

We received some golden references this week too from a member we love working with! There really are people prepared to accept the gospel here and we are really excited to teach them more! One of them went to mutual Friday with her daughter and the other already came to church with her father and signed up to feed us this week too! There are the nicest people here and we still feel like we have lots of work to do so hoping neither of us get transferred next week! 

I think that's about all my time! Sorry for writing late again! We had a zone activity at a park and took most of the day. But it was super fun!!! We played capture the flag and ultimate frisbee and played around with footballs and volleyballs. My companion doesn't like to play but it was fun playing with the Elders. Mission life is the best! I am working hard and learning a lot and have seen so many miracles! So grateful for the opportunity God gave me to be a small part of His work! The Church is true :) 
Zone activity today! Missing a couple. Bunch of Elders had special changes today! Weird cuz we have cambios in a week. But it sounds like they are moving a lot of people around.
Have a good week everyone! Good luck with finals Madi! Love you lots!

Con mucho amor, 

Hermana Rhoten 2

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