Monday, June 9, 2014

Hola! Another great week!! We have transfers tomorrow!

I'm staying here in Bosques but Hermana Burrola is getting transferred!!! We just barely found out! So we have lots to do today!
Taking photos of myself this morning so I could show you the cool sweater that a girl gave to me! Its way cool.
Highlights from this week.....Tuesday night the Elders had a baptism in our ward!!! And!!! They asked Romina to give the talk on baptism and share her testimony!! It was the best thing ever to see her up there and hear her testimony. I gave the talk on baptism when she was baptized and used the bookmarks I made with Grandma with the baptismal covenant on it to explain what we promise and what Heavenly Father promises us in return. Then when she was talking she pulled out her bookmark and did the same. It was a really cool moment. All the scriptures she shared to were ones that Hermana Burrola and I had shared with her. It's been amazing to watch her change!! She made a goal to read the Book of Mormon in two months and is already in Mosiah 10!!! She is constantly giving us all references and loves going to lessons with us too. She is amazing!! 

We've been working a lot with an Hermana in our ward named Shulamit and got some AWESOME references from her this week!! Shes really an amazing woman! Her daughter is Rebecca that was in my photo last week. She is constantly thinking and praying of how she can do missionary work and has been inspired of many ways to help us. I'm pretty sure if every member of the church was as motivated to do missionary work like Shulamit we'd probably be ready for the second coming. She's really great! One of her friends is crazy prepared!! She signed up to have us for food, coming to church and has accepted everything. It's so cool to see that the Lord really is preparing people to hear His message and accept His gospel. 

Family Diaz is doing really good too!! We have been working with them a lot and it's way sad that Hermana Lucy isn't there anymore but it's been cool to see too because her daughter Gaby has totally taken her place. She hadn't been that interested before but now she inherited all of her mothers scriptures and study material and is really progressing and becoming active again. Her faith and desire to share the gospel and strengthen her family in this hard time of losing there mother so quickly has been really inspiring.
Oh Thursday my comp had a training meeting and I went with the other training leaders comp Hermana Young to her area :) It was way fun! Shes really awesome. She actually went to school with Mindy Strong at BYU Hawaii. She's from Olympia. One of their recent converts, Claudia, had this really sweet sweater on. I told her that I really liked it and wanted to know where I can get one. She said that she wasn't sure how to get there but she could probably find one.. then she had me try it on and then was like actually I'm just gonna give it to you. I tried to offer her money or something but she wouldn't take it! The sweetest girl ever! She's only 20 and studying to be a nurse and learning English too. Another very inspiring person. And its seriously the coolest sweater ever. I'd been looking for a new one because the only comfy jacket I brought was stolen a couple months ago.. I forgot it outside at the park though so it was my fault. But yeah I was WAY happy!!

This weekend my companion has been really sick! Saturday and Sunday we did divisions a couple times and Diana went to teach with me and Hermana Burrola stayed home with her mom. It was WAY fun! Shes going to be an incredible missionary!!! Their family has seriously helped us SO much!! I don't know what we would do with out them. Well.. think I'm out of time and we have lots to do today so I better go!! But I know that this church is true and this work is real. I love being a missionary and am excited for this week! Its gonna be a good one. Way sad to lose Hermana Burrola though. We've become really great friends! 

Hope everything is going well at home! Love you lots and lots. Have a good week!

Con amor,

 Hermana Rhoten 2

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