Monday, June 23, 2014

Another week living the dream in Mexico.

I really love it here and especially right now. We are working really hard and seeing lots of success too. 

I'm not sure if I've said this before but in our area, every street is bosques de and a country. Its pretty fun! Before we had the Americas and Europe sections and now we have Asia and Africa too. They are grouped by continent so we are getting really good at our geography skills. And learning all the countries in Spanish. My companion loves it too! We joke everyday how we are literally walking all over the world. It's pretty entertaining.  

This week... we had lots and lots of RAIN. Just last week I think I mentioned how crazy hot it felt and how we were missing the rain.. but yeah it came back. everyday we have lots and lots! Tuesday it flooded like crazy!!!! We walked all they way from a lesson in Mongolia to France then home to Colombia in the pouring rain and hail with my tiny umbrella. An RM in our ward came to the lessons with us. We were completely soaked but had a good time running and jumping trying to dodge puddles. I really wish I could've taken pictures of the street we had to go through. It was almost knee deep and dark and really really cold! We couldn't run through fast either cuz there are random holes that you can't see. It was a pretty sweet adventure :)
Came home soaking wet once again.... and this time we had umbrellas too! It was crazy!! Lots and lots of houses flooded and streets like rivers. We felt like pioneers having to walk home in it. Our feet were frozen!!! It always rains lots during this time of year but they said it hasn't been like this for four years.
Lots of houses flooded.. including ours. But our neighbors let us shower in theirs upstairs since ours was full or nasty water. The first real shower I've taken since I've gotten here. I was SO grateful. I've gotten so used to the bucket I forgot how nice it feels to take a real shower. But we also mentioned that to our neighbors and it sounds like they are going to fix our shower soon :) After our showers we made hot chocolate and cleaned the water out of the house. Lots flooded again last night. It's given us some service projects though! This morning we went to help mop and clean an investigators house. Their white floor was totally black. 

We also had citas like crazy this week!!! All day running from one to the next. We are really happy about all the work in our area right now and excited to keep working hard! Agenda is just about full again for the next week! But it sounds like next transfer President is going to put another companionship in and split the area again like how it was before because its pretty big but were excited to have it all for at least another month :) 

The hardest part about being a missionary is having to accept that other people have their agency. It happened twice this week with families that we had just began to teach and were sincerely interested and already reading in the Book of Mormon and excited to learn more.. then they talked to their pastor from their church and were told they needed to read their own Bible and quit listening or else they would get confused and have new ideas and it would be bad for their family. It sure is hard when we really love and care for them so much and know of the blessings they could receive. I can't imagine how our Father in Heaven feels sometimes when we choose to deny the blessings of the gospel He wants so badly to give us. I know He loves us and has a plan for each of us.

On the brighter side this week we also had five people accept a baptism date. We now have several that we are helping prepare and SO happy for each of them. One of them is named Blanca. She is the sweetest lady EVER. She should be a Disney Princess. It's fun to teach her because she pretty much already believed everything that we believe. She just didn't know where to find the truth. It's so fun to see how happy she is to have found the path. 

Another new family from this week is Alejandra and Hector and their two little kids. They are way cool too! Alejandra had been less active for few years and Hector isn't a member but we are going to help him prepare to be baptized. They recently got married and have a goal to be sealed in the temple and have an eternal family. They came to church yesterday for the first time. Since he works until late we got permission to teach them early and study after. Wednesday morning we have a cita with them and she told us to come hungry and she's gonna make gorditas! Never tried them but I've heard they're pretty good :) 
Diana bought me a natural sweet dark chocolate chunk wild honey peanut butter while she was in Arizona!! I was SO happy :) Shes the greatest. It's WAY WAY good. I took a picture of it :)
Anyways... I love all the people here and could spend lots of time talking more and more about them but I'm pretty sure my time is up! Hope everything is going well back home! I really am planning to go shopping soon and send a package home... hopefully :) Hope the first week of swim lessons went well for Madi and Siena and the Hatch reunion was super fun! I haven't read your emails yet but I will print them now :) 

Love you and pray for you lots! Have a good week!

Hermana Rhoten 2

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