Monday, May 19, 2014

What a crazy week!!!

Good for sure but busy and different! We had our first baptism too!!! Romina!! I'll go through each day a little!
Romina's baptism
Our ward missionaries together
Tuesday we had divisions with Hermana Anaya, President's wife. We took her to our appointment with Romina! Then later we met up with President for one of our investigators baptism interview and after they gave us a ride to our next appointment. It was good to talk with them and get to know them better. They also told us that we need to be inside at 8 now unless were in an appointment close to the house or with members, then were good til 8:30. I was a little disappointed because a lot of investigators like the evenings and we always feel safe til 9 but were being obedient and using our time really well. Ive been trying to always make sure we have an appointment at 7 or 7:30 so we don't have to come back so soon. 

Wednesday was tough day for Romina and she was having some doubts. I wish I could tell you more about her but it's hard to explain. We ended up going to her twice that day and decided to fast so that she could overcome her difficulties and that her baptism would go well! We had a really good talk with her that evening. A moment I will probably never forget! So we took a picture :)
With Romina!
Thursday we had divisions. I stayed in my area with Hermana Cole! We worked hard and had an awesome day! I love divisions and getting to know other Hermanas :) She only has one more transfer than me here in Mexico but she said that my Spanish is really good! I feel like I have really been blessed to be able to communicate quickly. It's still hard sometimes but keeps getting better!
Divisions con Hermana Cole
Friday... well I'm not sure what it was Thursday night because I didn't eat anything weird but it was not a good night. I was up sick most of the night. I still woke up and studied but was feeling miserable. We met up to switch companions again and went back to grab our things. I wanted to work but my stomach was aching, head pounding and in the bathroom constantly. My companion and I decided we would probably just need to call President and stay home for the evening. I laid in bed for a minute and started thinking about how many times Christ preformed miracles in the scriptures. I've been reading about His ministry in the Americas! I love 3 Nephi :) Every time He said ¨thy faith hath made thee whole¨ Then thinking about it more I decided that God sent me here to preach the gospel, not to stay home sick. I had faith to be healed and knew that it was the Lord's will. I called the Elders to get a blessing and then we left for work. It was a really cool experience for me to see that the power of the Priesthood is real. I am so grateful to be a member of the church and to have the Priesthood on the earth again. It was still a tough day but God made it possible :)
Saturday was a great day! Whatever I had was mostly gone by morning and we had a ward activity :) It was way fun!! I played basketball with the Elders and some other Hermanos in the ward barefoot and in a skirt. I miss running and playing and had a really good time! The ground didn't feel that hot.. but one of my big toes is totally burnt! Its all gross and black tehe. It made me think of Dad and his burnt knees from painting the pool deck. But it was way fun and definitely worth it! 

Sunday was a crazy day!!!! Getting investigators to church at 8 in the morning is always busy and then making sure they are all doing well during the service and on top of that we had Romina's baptism at 11 right after the church service. The baptism font was dirty and wasn't draining but the Elders helped us get it taken care of. Then we found out Hermana Diaz, a lady that lives in our area and just recently reactivated, past away. She had been in active for about 20 years and has been going a little over two months. We spent lots of time with her and her family. We knew she had cancer and her health was struggling but didn't realized how bad it was. We really really love both her and their family so it was hard to take but we are happy to know that she died on the path. She was a woman of great faith and always told us that she was confident that Heavenly Father would take care of her. Sad news but the baptism still turned out really well!! My companion and I spoke and there was a great turnout! Romina shared her testimony afterwards and told everyone that we would always be her angels because now she knows who God is and that she is on the right path. Definitely a day I will never forget :) 
Romina with the Bishop.  She wanted him to baptize her.
Romina with the program we made her.
Today was way fun too! And super busy! I went for an hour run in the morning!! It felt way nice. We had a birthday breakfast with the district at Diana´s house for Elder Iniguez! Went bowling at this huge mall afterwards :) My companion and Diana didn't want to play but I had fun playing with the Elders and even got a strike! Once. Went back to study and buy food and now heading to walk Romina to seminary :)
Breakfast party at Diana's house for Elder Iniguez´s birthday
We went bowling for our district activity :)
This mall we went to was pretty sweet! It had a really cool view but I think its hard to see with the lighting! The mall was huge!!!
Life in Mexico is going great! I am learning lots and am so grateful for my time here. I hope everything is going well back home! Thanks to everyone who wrote be this week and sorry I don't have time to reply to everyone! Next week :) 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Rhoten 2

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