Monday, November 10, 2014

Well there goes another week!

I can't believe how fast time flies by in the mission. It's crazy!! This week we had a zone conference on Tuesday that was super good. It was my old comp Hermana Medranos birthday! I had almost forgotten. But then the zone leaders went around and snuck 5 pesos from everyone and then my comp and I snuck out early to buy her a surprise cake. Yep. I still love birthdays. And surprises.
  Conferencia de zona Moctezuma
From our zone activity today!
Wednesday we went on divisions for half the day again so my comp could rest her foot. I went out with Daniela again. She's awesome. Is putting her papers in soon and will be a great missionary! But it's been a little tough having to do divisions so much. I've been praying lots that my companions foot gets healed soon and we are already seeing the miracles of  it. She should be good this week :)

Thursday we had a conference with Elder Valenzuela! It was WAY good. Learned a lot and its exciting to hear about the progress that Mexico is having. They want us to help the members and become more self sufficient spiritually and temporally and not receive so much help from the US. We are going to have some trainings on it soon. It was also fun talking with Hermana Valenzuela for a bit! She was excited that they found me and said that Rob and Rinamay are coming for Christmas. They have family that used to live in the ward I am serving in. It's not that hard to find. The airport is across the street from my area. It was cool to see them though and make family connections.
With Rinamay's aunt Hermana Valenzuela at the conference this week. She was way nice.
Now that Dia de los Muertos is over here everyone is putting up their Christmas decorations!!! Pretty exciting! They don't celebrate thanksgiving here so Christmas season starts November 1st. It's still super hot during the day though so it doesn't really feel like winter yet. Not sure if it will. I've heard it does though.. just late this year.
Pictures that I couldn't send from last week!
The chocolates they gave us last week after the baptism. Love this family! They just need to get married already!!!
We are working super hard and I really love the people here. It's the best feeling ever to be lost in the work of the Lord. We really don't have time for anything else. We have some investigators that are on fire right now. Keeping all their commitments and going to church :) Best thing ever. In Relief Society we sat in front with an investigator on each side and in the lesson about missionary work they asked what they feel when the missionaries come to visit and they both shared. It's the happiest feeling ever to hear the changes we are making in peoples lives.

From our baptism on Saturday. Manuel is awesome. He is a little bit special. But has been progressing like crazy. Super smart and loves the church. It's been a cool experience working with him. He has some mental disorders and the recent convert that we teach him with does too... they are friends. I feel like a psychologist sometimes.
My old companion came to visit! Love her. Oscar baptized him. He helps us out a lot. And he served in the same mission as Jackson Emry!!! He was the assisant when he got there. SO cool. Said he went to visit in the states and realized he was all famous. Pretty cool.
The baptism went well and lots of the ward came to support.... only the water in our chapel was freezing cold cuz it was out of gas... so we had the Elders fill up the stake center for us... and it was SUPER hot. They couldn't even get in. We didn't really feel it before... just figured it was all good... so some of the members went to go buy 3 bags of ice to pour in it. It was pretty funny actually. Makes it more memorable right?
One thing I am learning is that we aren't here to convince people. Nothing we say or do can change their hearts. It's all the Spirit. We have  been working really hard to be more and more consecrated everyday so the Spirit can testify through us and we can find the people that are already prepared to make and keep covenants with God. It's sad when we have to quit working with people because they just aren't accepting it and just aren't prepared but I know that the Lord can do all things and as we look to him in every word, action and step we will have success in His work because we aren't doing it our way but His way.


Better get going. But I'm learning lots, working hard and seeing miracles everyday! Love you all and hope it's a good week! 
Hermana Rhoten

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