Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!! Y Dia de los Muertos!!

I was able to see Aubrey Sintay on Thursday at the Temple Visitors Center.

Halloween was all weekend because they have dia de los muertos tambien! I'm still confused which day they celebrate it here because the past three days there have been children dressed up in the street asking for candy and money from businesses and cars. Lots of people put up offerings for their family members that have died and put a display thing and believe that they come to visit them and eat the food that they leave and all that but the church doesn't really support it in that way. I think I have a picture of a decoration set up from a recent convert though.
Dia de los muertos!
Our district activity! I didn't really get a good picture though. This one I have a bad double chin so I don't really like it that much.

This week we went to the doctors twice for my companions foot. Found out she has tendonitis. We were both pretty bummed. First time I've had a companion that will run with me in the mornings and walk fast during they day. Thursday they gave her some crazy long injection thing in her foot and she had to stay off of it for a couple days so we did divisions and I went out to our appointments with a girl in my ward who is putting in her mission papers soon. She is awesome and really helped us out a lot.
Pan de los muertos. We mentioned that we had never tried it to a few people and then had to eat it twice yesterday back to back. It is pretty good but I wasn't hungry. They also made us abuelita hot chocolate. Way good!!!
From our baptism yesterday!!!! Gerardo got baptized :) He's is a golden child. Twelve years old and loves going to church. He always does the reading we leave him and remembers everything. Smart kid and an awesome example for his family. We really love them. His mom Odette really loves the church too. They have been going every week the past few months but she can't get baptized yet because her and Daniel aren't married and live together. He had been menos activo for a really long time. But they both spoke at the baptism which was really cool. I've never had an investigator speak at a baptism before. And last night we had the best lesson with them EVER. And our Bishop came too. The Spirit was so strong and they finally opened up to us about their fears and we testified strongly of the Atonement that Christ can help them overcome it. I have no doubt that she will be able to get baptized soon and sealed in the temple next year. They are the cutest family ever.
My memory card has some virus on it so we have been trying to fix it. The pictures I sent are from my comp's camera. I took lots more this week but I can't get to them. And now we've got to head to a cita but all is well in Mexico :) I will have to write more next week because we are doing good and having a lot of success. My ward is awesome here. Love you all!

Hope you have a good week! 

Hermana Rhoten

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