Monday, May 18, 2015

We had such an incredible week! Full of lots of miracles and sweet surprises :)

I'm so excited that I get to stay here in Moctezuma longer because I know the ward well now and they are helping us so much. All of our investigators have member support and we have been receiving calls of members and recent converts volunteering to come with us to appointments. It's so great because we are usually the ones calling them!
Saturday we had an incredible awesome conference with Elder Craig Christensen which was really uplifting. The Spirit was so strong that morning and it stayed with us the whole day. I remember having a little fear that I wouldn't be able to enjoy the same strong constant company of the Spirit when I'm not a missionary. I sure hope it's the same! We did questions and answers at the end of the conference and one of the elders asked him what has helped him the most to fully consecrate himself in the work of the Lord. His answer was his desire to feel the Spirit is what had motivated him through out the years. I thought that was pretty cool.
Friday we visited recent convert, Oscar's mom, Manuela. I had never taught her before because she was on the side of the ward where the other companionship or hermanas was before. She had gone to church several times, two baptisms and the visitor's center about three times. She loves being there but from what I had heard from the other hermanas she wasn't progressing and didn't want to be baptized. 

We just listened to her for a long time.. all her worries about getting baptized. Lots of them were just misunderstandings. Mostly she was concerned that she would have to pass a test to get baptized and she has a hard time remembering things. She also worried that she wouldn't be able to go to church sometimes because she is sick. We went over the interview questions with her and she was ready :) She still was very unsure and we told her she could just do the interview on Sunday with our district leader and see if she passes. 

Saturday I felt really strongly the need to fast for Manuela that she would get baptized on Sunday if it was the Lord's will. My companion and I fasted together and our plea was answered. Our district leader came out with a big smile and told us she passed and wanted to be baptized today! It was such a miracle. We canceled our other plans and organized her baptism for that afternoon. Her son was so overjoyed to have the opportunity to baptize his mother. It was such a beautiful experience :) She was so happy!!! The Lord really changed her heart because she didn't want to for several months.
Oscar and Manuela drove us to the Visitor's Center afterwards with four other recent converts to watch Meet the Mormons again :) One family that came has been less active for the past couple months and have been canceling on us a lot. We were SO happy they came :) Such a happy day :)
Other details is that the rain came back this week! We got nice and wet. I got a cold but was able to work through it. Also whenever our plans fell through this week it was a little disappointing for a moment but then we would find new investigators or go visit an investigator unplanned and have an awesome lesson. It was so cool. Every time. The Lord is so guiding this work.

Saturday when our plans fell through and we had a little extra time we went to search our investigator Rocio and ended up finding her son Roberto who told us at first that he doesn't believe in God. We talked with him on the doorstep for about 40 minutes and by the end he prayed, accepted a baptism date and to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. It was also a cool lesson because he works in the airport and speaks pretty good English which made my companion really happy. He told us several times after we testified to him that he felt strange. One time he even looked like he was shivering a little bit and just said he felt so strange and he didn't know what it was. We explained to him that it was the influence of the Holy Ghost. The Spirit is a huge help in every lesson. Pretty sure his curiosity for that strange feeling is the only reason he was able to accept our invitations.
Wednesday night we also had a miracle lesson with Nacho and Alma. Her family is all members, some active and others less active. Nacho invited his brother and sister in law to come listen too. It was fun to be able to teach with such a full room of people who were sincerely interested in our message.
Thursday night we had a family night with Jorge and Ana's family and the Neri family in our ward. We taught the plan of salvation and the Spirit was so strong. Jorge and Valeria and the other children all accepted the baptismal invitation but Ana was still unsure. She will get her answer though. We had to hurry home afterwards but the members invited them to stay for treats and to watch some Mormon messages. So cool.
Also little Alison is progressing so well. She is 10 and absolutely adorable. We had a really good restoration lesson with her, her half sister Ingrid who is 15 and their neighbors who are members. Ingrid didn't wake up in time for church but Alison was outside waiting for us in her dress at 7:45 in the morning. We went early to talk with her dad before church because he is gone a lot during the week. It was fun to see her so young and so dedicated. She reads everything we tell her and the teachers tell us she participates a lot in primary too :) Chosen child. 

Well that's about all for now! The work goes on. Excited for another awesome week of miracles. Have a good week! 

Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten 

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