Monday, June 8, 2015

Another stellar semana!

The highlight was definitely Alisson's baptism yesterday!!! :)
She is the only member of her family but has been going to church alone for almost 2 months and goes to all the activities and does every commitment we leave her. Her aunt and cousin are strong members and they will be helping her along the road. I was a little nervous about her getting baptized because she is only ten and wont have a ton of support from her parents.
But Sunday during fast and testimony meeting when she stood up to share her testimony the Spirit confirmed to me that she was ready and she would be okay. I felt myself get a little teary eyed listening to her simple testimony of the gospel and how it would help her to receive eternal life. Definitely a special spirit :) All the ward loves her and there were many at her baptism :)
Her dad and step sister came as well!! That was a pleasant surprise :) Also our convert Rodrigo came with his wife and she really enjoyed the service and is interested in learning more :) We sand the Jenny Phillips song Happily Ever After in Spanish with her cousin Frida and aunt Nashely. It was really pretty and Alisson cried. We saw her dad rubbing his eyes a little to hide the tears as well :) There was a sweet spirit present the whole service :) And cake at the end too... :)
I love being a missionary so much and have felt so much joy being able to serve the Lord and serve the people here in Moctezuma. Our ward is progressing so well. This weekend we planned a ward movie night for the members to come and watch Meet the Mormons and bring friends. Yesterday we went to each organization and passed out invitations that we made and everyone seemed really excited to help and invite their friends we are hoping it goes well :) 
We decided we deserved some ice cream today... didn't realized ordering the banana split would be quite so big. Don't worry though we shared it :) Yum.
All gone.
Also I have some good news!! Well I think its exciting news. President gave me permission to extend a few extra weeks and go home the 18th of August :) Sorry to throw off your countdown. Saturday morning while I was running the park I realized I only have two months left until I go home and it just didn't feel right. I hit me that I needed to extend a few more weeks and called President as soon as we got back to the house. Ever since I've felt so good about it and know its the right decision. It will give me a little less time to get ready for school but I am sure that it is what I am supposed to do. 
We are working hard to always follow the Spirit. I have learned that the Spirit is the most important aspect of every lesson. Without him our investigators can't have a true and everlasting conversion. I know that this church is true and am so grateful for every principle and gospel doctrine. I am especially grateful for the influence and guidance of the Holy Ghost that we receive as we live these principles. I testify of his power. Have a good week everyone! 

Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten

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