Monday, June 15, 2015

Another week full of lots of miracles.

My testimony of specific prayers and fasting has really been strengthened lately. We are seeing so many answers.

Last Sunday were praying and fasting that the Spirit would be really strong at Alisson's baptism so that her family would be more interested and start listening to our messages and going to church. Tuesday when we went looking for Alisson, her step sister Gaby came out with a big smile happy to see us and excited to listen. She used to run away when we came... but she loved the baptism and wants to know what she needs to do to learn more about the church and be a member like her younger sister. She is already progressing well in her reading and prays and went to church for the first time yesterday :) Alisson was also confirmed yesterday. She is just adorable. Such a great example. 

Another miracle Friday when Nacho and Alma told us they have been talking and praying together and decided they finally want to get married! That's something we have been fasting and praying for for about a month now. SO excited for them. They already have 14 years together... Nacho was so excited to tell us too. We had just finished weekly planning when we went to visit them. His baptism date is coming up next week and we were thinking of how we could help him reach it. We decided that they would have to get married by Friday morning and had even written it in our agendas in pencil that we were going to go with them to get married that morning... and then they told us they were thinking Friday morning too!! Inspiration for sure. 

Saturday we had the ward movie night we had planned. It went really well and we had a new family that showed up who seem very interested. It was a great opportunity for many to share testimonies and have fun together. We are working on getting the ward more involved and unified. We put a goal to help motivate them to get names for the temple since it will be opening again soon. We made a poster that looks like this.. well its not quite done yet but its gonna be something like this. They will put a sticker for each name.

Also were starting English classes this week. Lots of investigators and members have been asking us so were decided to see how it goes :) Not sure how great my English really is. It should be a fun learning experience and hopefully will help us find more investigators too :) 

Valentin's niece, Angela passed her interview last night and will be getting baptized on Thursday! She is really excited and all the young women seem to love her. Our other young women convert Rocio came with her to the interview to support her too :) So sweet. We are very excited for her.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Visitors Center with Jorge and Ana and family. They didn't get up in time for church which was a bummer but also understanding because they had a tough week. Jorge's brother passed away and he was out of town for the funeral. Also their neighbor who was staying with them had a heart attack and is in the hospital so they are watching her grand kids. It was refreshing to go to the CV and watch the family video with them and talk about temple and family history work. Hopefully gave them some hope and strengthened them. They have a lot of time investigating the church and really like it but still aren't sure if they want to get baptized. We love them lots and are working to help them overcome their doubts and make a decision. They are still reading and progressing.

Some members brought their cousin to church with them yesterday and we taught him during the third hour. He has been before and used to go to institute so is familiar with the church. He accepted to get baptized in a few weeks and they all went with us to see a baptism of another ward in the stake after church yesterday. (Yep yesterday was a really busy day.... ) He liked it and is excited to learn more and have his cousin baptize him. Should be perfect because his cousin is preparing to go on a mission soon

All is going well! Love being a missionary and serving the Lord. We are both working hard to give all that we can to the Lord. This week we had a friendly competition in the zone to see who could pass out the most book of mormons. We won of course.... ;) I think weve gotten stronger this week carrying 6 Book of Mormons each plus our normal set of scriptures each day...It was a really awesome experience because we didn't just give them out to anyone but searched for the constant guidance of the spirit to help us distinguish who were the people who really needed it and would value the gift. I loved being able to teach several lessons about the Book of Mormon and it helped us find lots and lots of new investigators too! So many cool experiences with following the Spirit this week. 

Hope all is well and that Dad has the best Fathers Day ever this Sunday! Love you all and will see you soon :

Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten 

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