Monday, July 14, 2014

Hola todos! Another week came and gone!

I didn't take notes again this week so I will try and remember all that happened. We are working really hard and having a lot of successes but also a lot of trials. Transfers are this week but I'm really hoping I can stay one more and that they let us keep the whole area that we have right now. There's a chance they might put another companionship in and split it like it was before. I like having the whole area because we are kept crazy busy and spend the whole day running from one cita to the next. Literally running... sometimes :)
Love her!! We had some cheese cake for breakfast today. I didn't know that existed here. Way good.
Posing are nails at Diana's house! We are pretty spoiled.
Tuesday we had a really good zone conference. We have an awesome zone and leaders. President has put some new goals and expectaions for the missions are we are trying really hard to reach all of them. 

Hectors baptize went really really well yesterday! They are the cutest family and we really love them. We went to Walmart today to print off their pictures. We decided the one of them hugging and all in white should be their Christmas card foto saying ¨This year we took a big step in our eternal progression¨ We are really happy for them and the progress they are making as a family. It was a really special day :)
Hector's bautismo :)
Yep. They're adorable.
Our zone leader Elder Ramirez came to baptize him because they were in their ward antes.
Also yesterday we went to the visitors center with the Flores family. We really really love their family too!! They are the cutest. They live in their dads salon which is really sweet. They have only been menos activos for the past 7 months and were really cold to the church but right now they are warming up little by little. I'm really excited for the progression they are making.
At the Visitors Center last night with the Flores Family :)

Another cute family in our area accepted a baptism date this week and went to church yesterday!! The grandparents, their daughter and her husband and their grandchild who will be 8 next month! They decided that they all wanted to get baptized for his birthday :) 

I love it here in Mexico and am really learning a lot. My companion is the greatest too and we are striving everyday to be more diligent, patient and trusting in the Lords timing. We also made a goal this week to teach and testify with more power and authority. Sometimes I think we get a little nervous because we still don't have a lot of time in the mission and don't speak or understand Spanish perfectly but we know we have been called of God to teach and anything is possible through faith and relying on the Spirit to guide us.
Diana took some pictures of us singing:)

There are so many incredible people here that I want you to meet so I hope you can plan a trip next August..... :) Also I am really happy to hear that Madi and Siena are doing good! Madison sounds so busy! Anxiously engaged in a good cause. Keep working hard and remember to have fun too! Sounds like Miranda has been sick. I skimmed through her email where she said shes realizing that shes not happy when shes not teaching. Its so true. Teaching and sharing the gospel brings SO much joy and I'm SO grateful for the opportunity to serve. Hope she gets better soon tho! 

Sorry I didn't write much this week! I will take better notes through out this week of good things to say! But I took lots of pictures so that should make up for it :) 

Have a great week!

Hermana Rhoten 2

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