Monday, July 28, 2014

I didn't get transferred!! Another 6 weeks in Bosques :)

Visitor's Center yesterday with Alejandra and Hector!! We love them!! We stayed for quite a while... they really loved it. The Visitor's Center is WAY nice here :)
I'm really really excited for this transfer. I feel like we are all set up to have a really successful cycle.
New agenda :) I didn't have transfers!! Way excited to be in Bosques for another transfer!
I love this ward. The members and people here treat us really well. We don't even go grocery shopping anymore because people are always giving us food. We pretty much only buy bananas and milk every now and then.  The months already almost over and I still have a good 800 pesos. My companion and I get along great and work hard together. Were finding a lot of prepared people and have a lot progressing and ready for baptism :) The mission has its times of planting seeds and times of harvesting and it feels like were definitely in a harvest right now. Days are busy and time is flying by quick but were enjoying every moment :) We got permission to go to a gym in my area this morning!! It was only 30 pesos for the day so well probably start going every Monday. It felt way nice but I think I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. I got a really good treadmill run in too and I can still keep a good pace like when I left but my muscles are sooo weak. The elders in our ward and our zone leaders came too. Then we all went to breakfast at Diana's house after. She made crepes and I made a strawberry mango smoothie. Way good :)
from the left it goes Elder Castro from Colombia, Elder Loya from Mexico, Elder Macias from Ecuador and Elder Loveland from Idaho. And me and Hermana Fowler :)
I decided yesterday that my two favorite moments in the mission are one: when were waiting behind the baptism font holding their towels and then getting to talk right after in the bathroom while they're getting ready. We get the first impression of how they felt and to see the instant change that people experience when they are baptized. They are always glowing and each describe the feeling differently.
Jessica's baptism yesterday!! Shes adorable! Left for efy today and gets back Saturday... then her confirmation Sunday and then her and her mom and going to the stake temple trip in Vera Cruz next Friday. Her mom had been inactive for almost 10 years but Jessica's desire to get baptized helped her come back. She is golden.
 And... two: when people start describing how their life has changed for the better from living the gospel but they don't really understand what it is... and then we get to tell them that what their feeling is the Holy Ghost. That the Spirit of God has touched their lives and that their Heavenly Father loves them and is aware of them. It makes it all worth it.

Since our last zone conference my companion and I made a goal to start giving out 4 Books of Mormon a day. I love teaching and testifying about this book and know that it is the word of God that has been saved especially for our day. Our mission President challenged us to read through it and mark Christ's name in one color, His doctrine in another, His words and another for His characteristics. So.. I've been working on that and it's been really cool to see that the Book of Mormon really does testify of Christ on each page. I know that He is our Savior and Redeemer and that He is an active leader of this church. I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve as His representative. 

Hope everything is going well at home!! Enjoy the nice hot weather :) We haven't had as much rain this week.. lots of sun! I'm getting a nice missionary tan. Can't believe Miranda turns 22 this week! That sounds pretty old. Love you all lots and have a spectacular week!! 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Rhoten 2

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