Monday, July 21, 2014

Hola todos! Como estan?

 I feel like I should be better about documenting everything that happens in the mission and all the cool experiences that I've had but it's hard to keep up with

I  can't remember if I mentioned last week that I was sick. But I had an awful cold with the crazy climate here the past week and a half. And it didn't take more than a few days to pass it on to my companion so we've both been sick but still working hard through it. Everyone keeps giving us meds and random cough syrups and cough drops to take and other natural Mexican remedies but we aren't really allowed to take a lot of it unless Hna Anaya gives us permission.
Special tea remedy that our neighbor gave us. It's with lime and cinnamon and honey and some random leaves. It was good though :)
We have transfers tomorrow and we won't find out if we are staying or leaving until later tonight but I think I am staying. I still feel like I have lots and lots of work to do in this area. In my interview on Wednesday I asked President and he said I should be staying one more which would give me 6 months in this area. I love working with our converts here and we have some menos activos familias that I really love too and are progressing. We already have baptisms planned and set for every week the next six weeks that I'm really excited about. We are hoping and praying that they all go through :)
Sunday morning we got up at 6 to make pancakes for a menos activo familia to help motivate them to wake up early and get to church. We made a chocolate surprise sauce with lots of random stuff but they LOVED it!! Also brought PB and honey and ate breakfast at 7 then went to church at 8. LOVE their family. These photos we were waiting for them to come down. They have the most comfy couches ever. And I was way tired.
I got your package Wednesday at our zone interviews and all the Elders were making fun of me for having you send me peanut butter. They do have it here... but not the natural flax seed kind :) The dark chocolate coconut almonds went fast but were WAY good! And I loved Miranda's letter. It really helped me realize that its by the small and simple things that miracles come to pass and everything is little by little. I will get to writing letters soon.... It's so hard to find time! Also Happy Birthday last week to Sara!! Hope it was a great one! And on Wednesday is Mason's right? Gonna be 11!!! That's way exciting! Only one more year until he can receive the Priesthood and go to the temple. Way cool. Happy Birthday Mason! Love you lots and hope it's a good one! 
Today we made chiles enugadas at Alejandra and Hectors house with her and her mom. They were WAY good! It's kinda a long process to make them but I think it was worth it. I'll have to make some when I get home :) I really love their family. We also played barbies and read the frozen story and colored tangled pictures with her daughter Zoe. She is the cutest. It reminded me how much I LOVE hanging out with children.
This is the chiles enugadas. Way good!
We also had a lesson scheduled with Gracia today :) Yep.. on pday... but shes 10 and wants to be baptized so she can be a member and go to primary and sing but we are working to get through all the lessons so she's more aware of what she's doing. We have been teaching her with her half sister Nancy whose a lot older and little Pamela who just turned 7. They are the funnest to teach :) We use lots of pictures and have made some fun little visuals. We hung out a little after wards today and made crepes with them :)
Not sure how I forgot to mention this.. .but Friday our neighbors put in the shower head!!! So we have a shower that works now :) I was SO happy I took a photo. Its still cold water but its a real shower :)
Emily Cabbage!! I saw your email I printed the other day and realized I haven't written back in forever! Yeah it rains just about everyday :) But we are learning to love the rain! It's always really refreshing but sometimes it makes us sick and our clothes smell bad. There are a couple Elders who play piano and I'm sure there are some Hermanas that do too but we rarely see other Hermanas where I am right now. One of the Elders has been teaching me how to play piano without reading music and it's pretty cool :) I hope you are having an awesome summer and spending lots of time enjoying it in the pool. I definitely miss swimming lessons but am enjoying teaching the gospel too :) Ask your mom to send me your new address! Love you and hope you and your family are doing well! 

So glad to hear that girls camp was good this week! Sounds like all is well. Think were out of time and heading to a cita right now but love you all and hope you have a spectacular week!!
Con mucho amor, 

Hermana Rhoten 2

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