Monday, July 7, 2014

Hola!!! The time keeps flying by!!!

My companion and I both completed our 5 months this week! That seems so weird to think. And we already have transfers again in 2 weeks but I think we will stay here together one more.... hopefully!!! I don't want to leave this area quite yet. We've found a lot of new people and I feel like I still have lots of work to do here but.. well see :)  
  I was slacking on taking pictures this week so here are some of me here in the internet cafe. The lighting was kinda weird from both sides... It started to rain crazy hard on our way back from the mission offices sending references. We have two huge boxes to carry back for our zone too! We got pretty wet waiting for the camion. But President was in the office when we were leaving and called our zone leaders and told them they have to bring us tamales and atole for our zone meeting tomorrow morning to repay us. So....  it was worth it :)

We didn't have a baptism this week but Claudia and Ignasio from last week were confirmed. They have just been glowing ALL week! Yesterday we went to the Visitors Center as a ward and they both LOVED it. Claudia was really excited this week to show us all her markings in the scriptures and talk about everything she's been reading. They are both so golden and happy and excited to share the gospel. That's the best part about being a missionary :) We get to see people change their lives and feel the joy and blessings that we can receive when we make and keep sacred covenants with God.
Ran into Braden Nelson at the Visitor's Center

Also yesterday Paola, who had been menos activa for years and her daughter Shady, who is 10 and preparing to get baptized in a couple weeks, came to church and blessed her baby girl. We adore their family and LOVE teaching Shady. She is the youngest investigator I've had but she understands really really well and is always making us cute little bracelets and drawings. She has been a huge example for her mom in helping her get back to church. We are really excited for them :) 

More pictures from last weeks zone activity
This Sunday Hector is getting baptized!! We LOVE their family too. His wife Alejandra had been menos activa for some years and they were in our zone leaders area for a while and they helped them get married and then when they moved here they told us they had a goal to get sealed in the temple. So we told them he better get baptized so they can. They started going to our ward and reading and praying consistently. He gets home really late from work so we go to them a few times a week in the morning and then switch to do our studies later. They are way cool and she likes to feed us different traditional Mexican food every time we go :) They want to get sealed next year in Salt Lake and said they can do it when Hermana Fowler and I are home so we can go :)
Also this week we got a reference from the Elders to the nicest family ever. Fabiola and Oscar and their mother Rosa Maria. Fabiola is a chef. We contacted them last Tuesday evening with out a cita or anything and she let us right in and brought out some fancy cakes and made us yummy sandwiches too. After they invited us over the next night because she was making posoli verde which is way good. The Elders were pretty jealous when we told them. We don't just eat there... we also have been sharing the Restoration and they were all really excited to read the Book of Mormon and fascinated that Christ came here in the Americas. A lot of people are really excited to hear about that :) 
The other day a little boy in the street saw us and walked right up "Ah las gringas!" We kinda chuckled and I started to introduce us and he interrupted ¨Si las mormonas!" He was all excited and told us that he had family that were members and he had gone with them before and really liked it but his parents don't like to go. He gave us his address and told us to come teach them. He looked like he was about 10 or 11 max but he told us he was 14. The way he just walked up with such confidence and approached us still makes us laugh though. 

Well that's probably enough for this week! I really love the people here. There's still so many more I want to talk about but I will save them for next week :) One thing I am learning is that as missionaries we can do everything but nothing at the same time. We have to follow the Spirit and do all possible to help people make and keep covenants but it all comes down to their agency and faith which is something we can't really change. Sometimes it's hard to see them fall or reject the truth but I know that when we trust in the Lord everything works out. He has a plan for each of His children. Sometimes the choices of others hurt and affect us but Christ´s Atonement covers every pain and sorrow we feel in this life, even the ones we cannot control and if we come unto Him with faith and trust in the power of His sacrifice, we can find the peace, joy and hope that everyone is searching for. I am so grateful to have the gospel in my life and for the opportunity to share it everyday :) 

Hope all is going well at home! Looks like it was a fun trip to Lonna's last week! Love you lots and hope you have an awesome week! 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Rhoten 2

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