Monday, August 11, 2014

Hola! The week went by quick again!

I'm trying to remember everything that happened. Tuesday we had a really good zone meeting and they talked about the importance in exact obedience and also a lot about personal conversion and applying the Atonement. My companion and I both hit our 6 month mark and we tried to convince everyone to bring us presents... but we did win a giant granola bar for having taught the most lessons the cycle before. Apparently that was our gift :) It was way good though.
Soaking wet at our zone activity today! We played soccer and ate hamburgers and then played capture the flag... but since they aren't allowed to touch the hermanas we used waterballoons.. then it turned into a water war. Pretty sure I won... :)
Wednesday I we had intercambios with my old companion Hermana Burrola and Hermana Izaguirre. I went to Izcalli with Hermana Izaguirre. It was way fun :) Her area is a good hour or so away and closer to the hills so it's way pretty. I should've taken pictures. 
Our baptism for this week fell through and we were a little bummed because we were really wanting to baptize every week this whole cycle. We fasted and prayed that the Lord would provide a miracle and tried our best to follow the Spirit. Our font had been left super dirty and not drained from the other ward so Saturday night we decided that we were going to wake up early and clean it. We knew that the Lord could still provide but we needed to be prepared and do our part. We got to the church at 6:30 yesterday morning and scooped all the water with buckets and through it out the window and scrubbed it all down real pretty. Then we left to go pick up investigators and help them wake up and get to church in time by 8.

Our zone leaders called and said they were having a last minute baptism but the water wasn't working at their chapel and they didn't have clothes for her either. They asked if them and another companionship could use our font. Our prayer wasn't answered in the way we hoped for but it all ended up working out in the end because our font was clean and ready to go and we got the opportunity to be a part of their miracle. She ended up using my white shirt and skirt too. It was kinda a crazy day but it turned out really good and we were able to bring a family of investigatores to watch the service. 

I know that God hears and answers our prayers. Jesus Christ is the head of this church and the head of this work. I'm so grateful to be a missionary and for all the things I've been able to learn. Their is always SO much to improve as missionaries and my companion and I are always putting new goals of how we can be better and teach better. I testify that it really is by small and simple things that Heavenly Father can preform His miracles. I'm so grateful for the chance to be a missionary and for the blessings Ive received being raised in the church.  

Hope all is going well at home! Love you lots :) Have a good week!

Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten 2

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