Monday, August 18, 2014

What a week! A couple small challenges but we are learning a lot :)

I was feeling really sick to my stomach all day last Sunday and Monday night it hit me again really bad. I figured it would go away so I ate carefully and tried to work through it but it wasn't getting any better. Thursday we went to the doctor and they said I have colitis which is like inflamed intestines or colon. I got some prescription and they said it was just from the change in food here because I wasn't used to eating so much grease and chile. I was surprised that I hadn't had problems until now but they said it just happens little by little and can also be triggered by stress. That made the rest of the week a little tough but I'm feeling a lot better now. But I'm also not allowed to eat anything fried or greasy or citrus or chile or a lot of cream or cheese for another week and even after that I'm supposed to try and avoid chile and fried food for the rest of my mission.. which is pretty hard here. I was kinda bummed because I'm really starting to like chile a lot but I've never been a fan of greasy food so I've really enjoyed having an excuse not to eat it :) I totally thought of Darrell and Kim telling me last December in Hawaii that I needed to start eating a bite of fried food everyday so my stomach would start getting used to it and I wouldn't get sick when I came to Mexico... but I didn't listen... :) But it's really been a blessing. I think I was definitely humbled this week.
These are the only pictures we took this week! A little nervous about posting them... cuz we look pretty gross... but we had just gotten back from the gym this morning. I hadn't ran in the park all week being sick but today I got a solid 6 mile run :) I dyed my companions hair!!! So that was fun :) Now were heading to Alejandra's house to wash our laundry and hang out with her and Zoe. They are the coolest. Last night we had family night with them and made them dinner and cleaned their kitchen while they watched the Testaments for the activity. Pretty much date night. I will be sad to leave them if I get transferred in two weeks!

And it was an awesome Sunday. Even though we didn't have many investigatores show up. Every one of my converts were at church and going strong. It made me so so happy to sit surrounded by them this week and to see their progress. Cute little Grecia ran in late with her little sister and came to sit with us. I've really enjoyed teaching them. The gospel is so simple but sometimes we complicate it. Teaching to children helps me realize how pure and simple it really is. 

Our ward mission leader was out of town yesterday so he asked me to teach gospel principles. The lesson was on charity so I spent some good time focusing on that this week. I love the words of Paul in 1 Corintios 13 about how we can have all knowledge, all faith even enough to move mountains and give everything we have to the poor and give up our body to be burned but none of that matters if we don't have charity. In the mission we learn a lot about how we must have the faith to reach the expectations that the Lord has given us but we are also learning that we must have charity, the pure love of Christ. 

We were asked this week by our ward mission leader how we got ourselves so motivated to share the gospel everyday because they can't get the ward members to do their visits. First we told him that it's a little different as a missionary because we have been set apart and we know we have been called by the Lord. We have this responsibility and it's really all we think about and all we focus on. We don't have jobs or school or family here to worry about. Secondly my companion and I explained to him that we must have a love and desire to share. We can't only serve out of obligation but we must serve the Lord because we have felt the effects of the Atonement and because we sincerely want others to receive the same blessings. It was a cool experience to reflect on this principle and the truth of it. 

I know that this is the work of salvation and that God loves us and has a perfect plan for us so that we can return and live with Him, like Him and with our families forever if we choose to. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and that He is still guiding His church today. He is our Salvador and Redeemer. He can make weak things strong if we go to Him in faith. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to represent Him and serve Him. 

Hope you have a great week! 

Hermana Rhoten 2

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