Monday, August 25, 2014

Hola!! Its been a crazy day! Pday always flies by way fast.

The Elders in our zone wanted to have a breakfast party cuz some of them were having a hard week so we went to that at the church and I made some super sweet chocolate crepes even though I couldn't really eat them. We pretty much just ate and ended up playing soccer.. like always but it was really fun! There's a lot in our zone that already have time in their areas and will most likely have transfers this next week. Including me... maybe. I wouldn't mind either way :) I LOVE my ward and area here but I also almost have 6 months here so... it would be good to get to know more people and areas too. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have changes though so I've been trying to work really hard and set the area up good for whoever comes.
  Me with our collection of apples in the house. They are safe to eat so we've been going through apples like crazy!
Pretty much just took these because Miranda always takes pictures of her food... tehe :) This was last Monday at the house of our chef investigator. Her and her mom are way cool. We went to help clean their house last week because it was flooded from the rain and they fed us. It's not anything traditional Mexican though but they made it healthy because I'm still sick. They also taught us how to make way good guava tea :)
Another of me with food.
Our kitchen is kinda fun. We have the one stove that goes off and on lots and this other one our neighbor gave us but it works good :)
We cooked up some veggies for the week and made an apple pear tea with all different types of apples and pears and cinnamon. It was super good.
My comp got a package last week with starburst. We roasted some while the tea was cooking. Realizing how much we miss campfires.
Also I'm still sick. Long story short I had to go back to the medicos on Friday and they said that there's a bacteria infection from something I ate in my intestines and that's what really caused the colitis, not the change in food or stress. They said its most likely salmonella and some other bacteria name that I didn't recognize in Spanish. The day before it started a couple weeks ago from last Saturday the members gave us money to eat and we bought salads in a fast place and I think something in that wasn't fresh. But now I have an antibiotic and it should be completely gone this week :) I've had to be really careful and picky with what I eat though and lost a good amount of the weight I've gained here but I was actually pretty grateful for that :) And I still get to be picky and careful for another couple weeks with what I can and can't eat :)
The Diaz family is building an apartment on top of their house for Gaby and her husband and daughter. I LOVE this family. I've talked about them a little here and there but they are WAY cool. We went to help her paint today even though it took a lot longer than we thought. But we already got it approved to go finish painting the whole house with some of the other Elders in our zone Thursday morning. I'm way excited! We are always searching for service projects. Also her Dad went to church on Sunday for the first time in over 10 years! It was a miracle. Her younger sister went too! Love them and am happy for their progress.
My comp took some pictures of me putting primer on in this tiny corner. The little stairs for her 3 year old daughter were a little hard to work with :) I'm excited to go help finish everything on Thursday. It will go fast with lots of us and they will be SO happy to have it all done in one day.
This picture is the view from their apartment. All the houses are connected here. Nice and cozy with your neighbors. Pretty different from home.
But apart from that we had a really awesome week! The work here has been slowing down a little bit but there is still lots of potential here. There is always lots and lots to do but we've had more success with menos activos and conversos that investigators this past couple weeks. I really really love the people here and am amazed by how well people treat us and accept us. I wish I could tell you more but were about out of time. We have an appointment in 10 minutes with a girl we contacted the other day whose father just barely passed away last week. We had a sweet lesson with her in the street and really felt like we were inspired to find her. It's always so clear to me that Christ is leading and guiding His work. We can see His hand in it daily. I testify of Him that He lives and loves each of us more than we can imagine. 

Have a good week! 

Hermana Rhoten 2 

PS. Hope Kevin had good birthday last Saturday!! And I can't believe how tan and blonde Madison looks!! That's crazy!!! Love you all! Hasta luego ;).

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