Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! 24 years :)

Hope you've been able to enjoy it! Sounds like it was a rough week for Dad. I hope he gets better soon and the infection heals up. Keep me updated!
That's awful about AJ Hunt! I will be praying for a quick and full recovery.
Also I loved your ring story last week Mom. Its so true that God really does hear and answer our prayers.
We thought this random rusty fireplace thing was pretty cool so we took pictures with it :)
I'm almost positive I have cambios tomorrow so I've been taking more pictures this week just in case. These little boys are the cutest ever.

We've been getting lots of random gifts this week so we put them all together and took a picture of ourselves. SO grateful. I really love it here. The people are the best.

Diana got us the coke cans with our names on them! It's a pretty big thing right now I guess. They wouldn't let her do last names though.

With our chef investigator Fabiola helping with her chiles enogadas. She was stressed out about getting them done in time when we came for our cita so we ended up helping her and discussing her Book of Mormon reading instead.

And the final product of the chiles enogadas. She saved us a couple and we stopped by Sunday after church to eat them. WAY good. My favorite Mexican food for sure.

Fabiola and her mom gave us this bread poster. It's a map of Mexico from sweet bread. It's a pretty big deal here. There's panerias on every corner and they're super cheap!. Dad would love it!

And yesterday with Hermana Shulamit and her daughter Nicole. LOVE them :) A woman of great faith!

Today we spent most of the day painting the room for Alejandra's mom. We have gotten to know her pretty well but she lives in our zone leaders ward so she invited them to come help too. It was fun and turned out good but took a lot longer than we thought it would. But she made us breakfast and the comida and let us wash our clothes there. I'm gonna miss them lots!
Her daughter Zoe came to help us paint too. Shes adorable.

With Alejandra's mom and Zoe today :)

Thursday doing service at the Diaz house with some of the Elders in our zone. We finished all the primer in the apartment quick with all of us working.
I think this one is pretty funny :) Tall and short.. there's a place for everyone.
We had an awesome week! I have been feeling pretty sure I have cambios but I won't find out until tonight late. I love my ward and the people here but I'm fine with where ever God wants me to be. I'm really glad that our misión is so small too because it makes it easy to come back and visit on a pday if I can :)
Painting the casita :)
 We don't have much time so most of my email today will be pictures :) But todo esta bien aquí en Mexico! Days go by so fast it's hard to remember what happens during the week! But I am learning lots, working hard and enjoying every momento!
Have a good week!
Hermana Rhoten 2

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