Monday, September 15, 2014

Hola! Happy Mexican Independence day :)

There's been parties and fireworks every night for the past few days from people getting prepared to celebrate and I've heard tonight is gonna be even more crazy. People really like to party here.
At the visitors center last night! The mother and daughter (Karen and Jimena) are investigators and they are golden. She has cancer in her bones and has to have surgery this week to remove it. We had one of the Elders give her a Priesthood blessing and she loved it and said that it was exactly what she needed. The promises in it were really cool. She is really strong though and excited about finding the gospel and preparing to be baptized soon. The other mother and her son (Guadelupe and Geovanni) were menos activos that work in our area. The little boy left a picture of Jesus that we gave him on the computer at their papeleria and through his small act we were able to find Karen and a couple other references.
This weeks been really good! Learning a lot and working hard. We had a really good zone conference with President on Tuesday and about how we can improve our teaching skills. A couple Elders in my zone gave me this purifying challenge talk. It's pretty sweet. You make a list of anything that is distracting you from the Spirit and eliminate it by constant prayer and strength from the Lord. Reflecting morning and night for 40 days and being extra cautious of any word, thought or action that could be uncomfortable for the Holy Ghost. At first I couldn't think of many things and had a small list of three things but everyday it keeps growing as I pay more attention to the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life. Even just doing it the past week I've already been able to see a huge difference and feel like the Lord is really on our side here in Balbuena. We had several people accept the invitation to baptism this week and are really excited to see their progress.
At our zone activity today!!

I'm way excited for dad and his new calling! He will do great! Brother Dye and Brother Powell will be awesome too. And sounds like Madison is doing great too! So exciting to get your patriarchal blessing! You will cherish it. I love reading and rereading mine here. It has helped me a lot. Crazy you are going to Peru so soon! One of the Hermanas that lives with me is Peruvian even though she grew up in Maryland. She loves Peru and is way jealous that you guys are going and says to send me Sublime chocolate because its supposedly way good.
Valeria! Bishops daughter that lives below us. Shes adorable :)
I think I've been getting better or just used to being sick but either way I'm sure it will go away soon :) I've been enjoying making all sorts of healthy creations with our blender and fruits and vegetables and other seed things that are supposed to be good. Probably gonna open up a smoothie shop when I get home. 

Think that's about it for now. Love you all and hope you have a good week! 

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Rhoten 2

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