Monday, September 29, 2014

Well. . . .It's pretty much been super spectacular week!

Partly cause I'm not sick anymore!!! I've just been feeling on top of the world. My poor companion and other uhh... roommates... (the other companionship that lives with us...:) Cuz all week everyday I think I've mentioned something about how great I feel and how excited I've been that I'm not sick anymore and I can eat with out feeling sick. It was just such a constant thing for a good 3 weeks so I've been super happy :)
Look what we found today!!! It's the mystery van from Scooby Doo! Couldn't help but take a picture... :)
I really love it here too! Our ward helps us a ton!! Always wanting to go to lessons and drive us around. It's really sweet. Definitely gonna try to be a good member missionary someday when I get home. We've been working with a wide variety of people here. One of the recent converts in our area has bipolar and lots of other health problems. She's lived alone for 34 years and never been married or had kids. Its been cool to see how the gospel has helped her life but... she also goes through her phases and they're really strong. I am learning to be more tolerant and patient but she is doing good and has a big heart. 

Then we have an investigator with schizophrenia. He's 50 but it's like were teaching a child. But he has lots of faith and is really really excited about the gospel and baptism. He waits outside for every cita and always arrives at church way early don't worry we never teach him with out members present. With him I feel like I'm also learning to be more patient and compasionante.

This is from last Monday in Bosques with my Zoe girl. She's the cutest! We had a tea party with yakults. My comp took a photo shoot of us.
We also have Karen and her angel daughter Ximena. They are golden. We had a lesson on Saturday and then they went to see a baptism. Karen has cancer in her bones but she's only 34. In the lesson she told us that she's always had a lot of faith, she's always wanted to get baptized but has never been in a congregation and feels like she's always missed that guide in her life. She told us that she doesn't want to go back to the presence of our Heavenly Father without being baptized first. She started to cry. It was a really tender moment. I know she's afraid of dying but I also know that God has a plan for her and everything will work out. She has been through lots and come a long way. Her daughter turns 8 in December and is sad that she has to wait until then to be baptized. I don't think I've ever met a girl so young with so much faith and understanding. She's adorable. I really love them. With them I've been learning how to pray with all my heart and how to have true compassion and love.
Our Bishop is way cool. Check out his birthday cake!! They invited us to come down and have cake with all the fam to celebrate. It was super good. Like orange tres leches. SO grateful that I was actually able to eat some. Yep. It's been a good week :) They are an adorable family!

Another thing I learned this week is that the pioneers were really wise to sing as they walked and walked and walked. It really does help! I think it was Tuesday we got stuck in the rain after a tough cita and were both feeling a little down. As soon as we left it started to rain.. then pour and just kept getting stronger and stronger. I put my scarf up close to my neck to keep from getting sick and with my small broken umbrella started to sing hymns through the storm. We had a long walk to the next appointment...but it was a really important one and we couldnt be late! Definitely helps though. Just saying.
En al CV otra vez!! Yeah we go a lot.. but it's so close to our area and investigators LOVE it. The Spirit there is so strong and its guaranteed to strengthen their testimony. Christian didn't end up getting baptized this week because he was too nervous. He's really ready though. We are gonna keep working with him and be patient. The girl next to me is Daniella. She's in our ward and just about to put in her mission papers :)
Selfie in the morning. My companion is the greatest! Felt like we didn't have enough pictures together.
We were able to see the women's conference on Saturday. I LOVED it. Made me realized how much I miss going to the temple and also the power and importance of covenants. Well about out of time but I've just been really grateful this week. I know that this is the Lord's work and that He is guiding us every step. To have the constant companionship of His Spirit I feel like I have to be constantly repenting but I know that it's there because I can feel it. I'm so grateful to be healthy and have been trying hard to fulling wear myself out in service of the Lord everyday to show my gratitude to Him.  

Hope everything is going well at home. Sounds like it is. Keep working hard and know that I love you lots! Have a blast in Peru and get me something cool ;) 

Con mucho amor.... :)

Hermana Rhoten 2 

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