Monday, October 20, 2014

Hope everything is going well at home!

My new companion!! Hermana Izaguirre! Ya. I feel really tall. But shes the best. We already had been living together for the past transfer. Then when they called to tell us about transfers last Monday night they said that Hermana Amor and Izaguirre were leaving and they were going to close the area. Then President called us 10:30 on the dot and said he changed his mind and Hermana Izaguirre was going to stay with me and we were going to combine our areas. Hermana Medrano and I thought for sure we were going to stay together for at least another transfer! It was crazy and made it hard to sleep that night because we were all freaking out but Hermana Izaguirre and I are SO stoked to have the whole space to ourselves and finally make it clean and cute and homey. 

Its been a crazy week though since we both have little time in our areas and we are doubling in investigators and everything. Our agendas are overflowing and were both really excited to have more work here. Our area is huge now so we have to plan well so we get to citas on time too. It's been really fun though because we were already really good friends before. She's already been companions with both of my companions before too... (Hermana Burrola and Hermana Fowler) which is pretty cool. She was born in Peru but moved to Washington DC when she was 6 so she's pretty American :) But it's nice to have a companion who knows Spanish well and can correct my accent :) And she's my first companion who actually runs with me. That's been fun too.

Our new district! The zone leaders Elder Sumano from Mexico and Elder Molotte from Othello. Hermana Wilkinson (she came with me. We were in the same zone in the MTC) Hermana Burrola (SO stoked to be sharing a ward with her! Its been pretty cool to work together again.) Our district leader Elder Porter (hes James Olsens friend which is pretty cool. Said he met Mitch and Jaron one time too) And his comp Elder Perez from Argentina. It was Hermana Izaguirre's birthday this week! I got the Elders to bring her treats and just about every cita we went to. It was a fun day :)

Saying goodbyes with Hermana Medrano. Armando is a recent convert. We are working with his mom right now. They are an awesome family. And Mosiah was menos activo but now they are besties and totally active.

At cambios with all the Balbuena girls!

Our last cita of the day! They are an adorable family. Just need to get them married. Her boyfriend took the picture

Hard when there's no one to take the picture..... we tried to set it up all cute :)

An hermano in the ward had someone at his work make us red velvet cupcakes.... SO good :) 
Hope everything is going well at home! It's been a crazy week. Really wet too. Lots of rain... its actually pouring rain right now too. And I'm pretty wet right now too... Lots and lots of rain but I think rainy season is just about over. 

Oh yesterday we had a special stake conference with Elder Maynes!!! I thought it was pretty cool cuz we just had a special stake conference with him at home like last year. It was an awesome meeting!! He talked about missionary work and also about how we need to establish Zion on the earth. Not only be active members of the church but be members who are actively searching to share the gospel and actively increasing our faith through study and prayer. He talked about how building Zion starts with our own home... then our ward... stake and outward. If we want to make a difference in helping the Lord in building His kingdom it starts within the walls of our home. 

Don't have much time today but all is well and the work of the Lord continues onward. This week we found a golden family. Always love to work with families :) I know the Lord is guiding His work and that through small and simple things He brings about His great and marvelous work. 

Love you all lots!
Have a spectacular week!!

Hermana Rhoten (the one and only)

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