Monday, December 22, 2014

We had an awesome week!

We had some great lessons and are seeing more progress. A lot of people have told us that we won't have anything to do this week but we still are full with citas even Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The work of the Lord is moving forward quickly. The best part about teaching the gospel is when you can feel the Spirit testifying through you. I have learned through many experiences that the Holy Ghost is the only one who can convert the people we are teaching. We cant convince them of anything ourselves but if we can create an atmosphere and are worthy so that the Spirit can testify through us as the Lords servants they are converted. 

Con Abuelitos De La Pena at the ward Christmas party! Love them.

Some pictures from our ward party.

The primary singing.

More from the ward activity. We had a talent show.

Our Christmas card!!! We didn't print out many cuz it was kind of expensive. But something to give to some families here in the ward. Yep were a pretty cute companionship. 

The crepe breakfast that my comp made for my birthday! Pretty yumm

It was fun having a birthday in the mission and we ate lots of cake this week for sure. There's a lot of pictures from my comps camera that I will probably send next week too. I was really grateful for the wonderful people here that helped me celebrate. 

My package that Hermana Cecy brought over on my birthday!! Thanks mom. Your the best. We thought the Santa hats were pretty awesome. We wore them to the Christmas party :)

Birthday party with Hermana Lilian! Ive mentioned her before. Shes a little bit crazy because shes lived alone for the past 34 years and is bipolar but she is also really sweet and threw me a surprise party well I kinda found out but originally it was a surprise. She's diabetic so we had some sugar free cream cake. But it was way good!

Con Familia Diaz! We had a cita on my birthday to stop by and then they were upset that we didn't tell them it was going to be my birthday so we came back on Friday and so we could sing and eat cake together. They are the most adorable family ever. Andrea was trying to distract us outside so her mom and sister could finish getting everything ready inside. We were eating this candy that looks like worms.

Our cake. It was pretty good. Chocolate y lechera.

Yesterday morning the other Hermanas in our ward called us and said President has been trying to get a hold of us but we didn't have signal and then we started receiving messages to call him. He asked us what we were doing in the afternoon. I told him we already had citas. Then he wanted to know with who and exactly when and he was getting us all nervous like maybe he wanted to come to citas with us or we were going to have special changes or someone died or something but then he told us that Elder Valenzuela called him and wants us to go to the Visitors Center in the afternoon to see my cousin. So yeah it was pretty sweet! We changed our schedule around to go to all our citas early and spend the last hour and a half of the day at the Visitor's Center with Rob and Rina and her family :) It was awesome.
Rob and Rinamay Rhoten
These are all of them with Rob and Rina. They took more too! It was so cool to see them and catch up a little bit. Presidents orders. The benefits of having a seventy as your uncle I guess. Definitely made my week!
Think I've said before how whenever you go to the Visitor's Center you find someone you know. Last night I saw a family from my other ward in Bosques! Valeria and her mom were there. She is Vanessa Hudgesens twin. Just a shorter version. I was way excited to see them again!
And Hermana Rose! She was in the MTC with me and is in another mission. So fun to run in to each other. Also saw Hermana Larson and Hermana Nelson again there last night. I had ran into them before though. It was crazy there yesterday. SO many people.
The cute cookies that came in the package you sent!!
Hope everyone has a super Feliz Navidad! I'll see you when we skype on Thursday!! Happy 44th Birthday Mom!!!! I love you lots and hope you get super spoiled on your special day :) 

Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten

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