Monday, December 29, 2014

Hola familia y amigos! Feliz Navidad!!

It was sweet being able to skype on Christmas and see everyone. Looks like everyone is doing good and the cousins are all getting big. There isn't much to say because we just talked but all is well here. It has been tough with lots of people leaving for vacations but we have still had success and are seeing some progress.
Getting robbed Christmas Eve threw us off a little bit this week. The grinch came instead of Santa Claus for us. It really was pretty freaky. I felt like we were in a horror movie. We were a little shaken up and I couldn't sleep hardly at all for a couple nights after but Bishop gave us both a blessing and that really helped. We have been a lot more jumpy lately whenever we hear the tiniest noise in the house but I know we are safe and protected. We are just so grateful that nothing happened. Just gotta find a new suitcase now and well the stuff inside of it wasn't really important. It was a lot sadder for Bishop's family. They lost a lot.
Christmas Eve when we got to Familia De La Pena's house cold and wet.
The Lord was really looking out for us and we are so blessed that they didn't come upstairs and find us in the bathroom hiding, shaking and praying. Bishop's wife was like maybe they didn't recognize that you were women or maybe they didn't hear you. But... we were pretty loud... and I'm pretty sure we sound like a couple little American girls. Proof that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I have seen the miracles of prayer so many times here on my mission.
This was at our mission Christmas activity last Tuesday! Our zone sang called to serve in Spanish and English doing a cup rhythm thing and they elders were doing a skit in the background.
President and the Assistants skit. It was a pretty sweet activity. We had a testimony meeting first then a talent show, some games and food.
The members here are the greatest! The four of us Hermanas had foot massages this morning... :) Felt SO good!!! Then we went bowling in the mall. I actually didn't do THAT bad the second round. It was a pretty chill pday. We have cambios next week and we have no idea whats going to happen because we both have 3 transfers here in this ward and 2 of them as companions so I'm pretty sure we will have some sort of change.
Love you all lots and hope you have a Happy New Year!! 2015!! I have already made my long list of goals and plans for this year. It's gonna be a good one. So grateful that I get to spend the mayor part of it representing the Savior and sharing the many blessings I have received through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Also because of transfers we have pday next week on Wednesday :) 
Love you and pray for you often.
Hermana Rhoten

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