Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Feliz Ano Nuevo!‏ Well today is pday for us this week!

We took some random fotos with this pinata while we were waiting for a member to come with us to our cita.
I got transferred yesterday! Literally just crossing the limit of my other area. The ward right next to it and the same stake jaja but I'm really excited to still be close to Balbuena. Lots of people I love there. My new companion is Hermana Wilkinson!! Yep! Pretty sweet because were already really good friends. She was in the MTC with me and we shared the ward in Balbuena for a few months. She just left last transfer from Balbuena to Moctezuma so I am following her now. I'm really excited because she likes to run!!! Yes!! We used to run together in Balbuena so I'm super stoked for that. Also she's really hard working and obedient. The two things you always hope for in a companion.
Con my companion!! In front of our super cute house.
We live with family Galicia. He is in the stake presidency so I already knew their family. They're the greatest. We also have a gym right in front of the house and the internet cafe too. Our house is adorable. I think I just keep upgrading. We have a couch!!! A fuzzy tiger blanket and hot water showers for a full 10 mins. Really grateful for that.
Our desks!!!
The couch... Im sooo happy to have a couch. Didn't realize how much I missed that.
My bed. With the fuzzy tiger blanket. Its so fuzzy.
Our Kitchen
New Year's Eve we had to be home by 8... so we didn't do anything crazy. Bishop's family was going out of town again so President told us we should go sleep with the other Hermanas in the ward. So we got to have a sleepover! We drank a glass of sparkling cider and some members brought us some dinner. We went to bed at 10:30 hearing lots of music and parties and woke up at 6:30 hearing the same. People really like to party here. New Year's Day was pretty dead. 

Here in Mexico the 5th of Enero Los Reyes Magos come to leave toys for all the kids. It's like Santa Claus for them. They write their letter with their wishes and tie it to a balloon and send it off that night and then they come and put their toys under the tree in their shoes. Las Roscas de Reyes were everywhere. In all the panerias. It is the big round fruit bread picture that I sent. There's a plastic baby Jesus inside of the bread and whoever finds it in their slice has to bring tamales on the 2 of febrero for everyone there. An excuse to have another party!
La Rosca!
Also I got your packages this week!! Super excited to have some new CDs and clothes! Thanks so much! And mints too. So good. Also Mom I think I might be buying a new suitcase but I haven't quite decided yet. Probably will have to before I go home though. Or I will just leave lots of stuff here. It was a miracle that I could fit all my stuff for transfers with my biggest suitcase gone. I'm not sure how we did it. But I used my bags to put stuff in too and won't be able to take that many bags going home.
Tacos de Juan! A recent convert in our ward makes really good tacos. He's pretty known for it.
And His mom Julie! We've been teaching her and her granddaughter. They are the sweetest.
Rosa Maria and Jesus! They are both preparing to get baptized. Rosa always tells us that she loves going to church because she feels peace. She's adorable. 
So pretty much I have a bunch of fotos with everyone this week because my companion and I weren't sure if we were going to have cambios or not and my comp was really good about bringing her camera and taking pictures everywhere and with everyone! Another cute family in our ward
Sad to hear about Randy and will be praying that his surgery goes well! Dad.. you should go get your heart checked. Sad to hear about Hermano Clark too! He is such a great man! I learned lots from visiting him.
We had a really chill pday. Cleaning and unpacking. I've been sick the past few days. But its alright I hadn't been sick in a long time. My stomach just got really angry though so I've been taking advantage of the time today to lay on the couch and avoid moving. But my comp and I were able to have some good study time and read and relax. That almost never happens on the mission. 
All is well here! Excited for a new transfer, new year and new opportunities to serve the Lord here in Moctezuma. I'm so grateful to be called as a missionary and the joy the gospel brings to my life. Love you all and hope you have a spectacular semana!

Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten

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