Monday, January 12, 2015

Hola! Well it was a shorter week this time.

Lots happened but I left my camera charger in my other area so my camera was dead all week and I have no pictures. But I got it back now so next week we will be better :)

I thought at first it would be super lame to stay in the same zone and just cross the street to another area like so many of the other hermanas have done but its actually pretty sweet. I feel like I already know the area well and everyone here. We live with the nicest family ever and our ward is very supportive in missionary work!

I also have 8:30 church here! It's been at 8:00 since I entered the MTC in February. I had 12:00 one Sunday.. and then got transferred back to early morning. So those few Sundays that I will be home before starting school I promise I won't be late to our 8:30 church. I'll be ready to leave and wake up all the investigators by 7 ;) We actually had a pretty sweet experience yesterday with a family we found and had accepted a baptism date on Saturday. The member with us said he could pass by for them and we were going to go early to make sure they were up and ready. Instead we left our house and found them in the street each with their Book of Mormons in hand and walking to church. Even 6 year old Dulce Maria. Such a cool sight.

My companion is really really awesome. And I'm not just saying that because she told me her mom likes to read my blog. :) It has been so fun to work with her since we were already good friends from the MTC and sharing Balbuena. She has a huge heart and love for all the people here. I know that we are going to see lots of miracles and success here together. She actually reminds me a lot of Madison so that's pretty cool too. Like if Madi were a missionary I imagine her being a lot like Hermana Wilkinson which means she's gonna be a great missionary! Just gotta wait a little over 2 years.  
The coolest thing about being a missionary is when people recognize the spirit we bring. People often comment that were so cute and young and far away from our families.... we walk all day when its hot or cold or people are probably mean to us or how it was probably hard to learn Spanish and so on. I mean it's nice and all that they' notice the sacrifices we are making but my favorite thing ever is when they talk about the spirit and light we bring and how different they feel when we are with them. Then we get the chance to explain that these feelings come from the Holy Ghost and that He is testifying that our message is true. That it's not because of us that they feel that way but because God has called and sent us to find and save them from sin. To help them find Christ and be purified in Him. I love my calling and responsibility as a missionary. 
Today we had a zone activity and watched Ephraim's Rescue and ate banana pancakes and hot chocolate but I was making banana pancakes the whole time :) It was a good time. Other than that it was another chill day preparing to be able to work super hard all week. Hope that Randy is doing well and recovers quick. Love you all lots and hope you have a fantastic week!
Con amor,
Hermana Rhoten

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