Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hola!! Longer week and so many fun stories

I'm just not gonna be able to type it all out! 
new comp is Hermana Medwin from Canada!!

Not even sure where to start!

Rocio and Uriel got baptized!!! They are so stinkin adorable! Such a fun baptism. It was a miracle too. They had their interviews last Monday and they were even more prepared than we expected. They love primary and young women's. Friday night we took them to a ward family night and Uriel asked us what would happen if he accidentally went to the bathroom in the water. We were like uhhhh Uriel! He said sometimes he wets himself when he gets nervous. It was hilarious! And explains why one time he randomly got up in the middle of a lesson and peed in a bucket in the same room we were teaching. Their house is actually just one room and an outhouse outside. Not sure why he couldn't make it to the outhouse. But it was behind our backs at least :) Funny kid.
There was a really good turn out at the baptism and some investigators too. Uriel had to get baptized twice because his toe came out the first time. He had gotten water up his nose and didn't want to do it again. We went around back to cheer him on and then his uncle Abel came around back and started bribing him with chocolate kinder eggs. It was actually pretty funny. One kinder egg... then two kinder eggs.. then three kinder eggs. One of the Elders came around back and asked if it would help if everyone left the room and no one watched. Then he was able to do it :) We were laughing about it a little afterwards. Missionaries baptizing children for chocolate.
They were confirmed on Sunday and Abel got the Priesthood! So cool to see him and Santa back at church after being inactive for about 20 years. They are doing so well.
I haven't felt nearly as sick this week and the medicine didn't affect me as bad as everyone told me it would. Such a relief!!! But I still didn't want to eat lots of greasy food. One day I felt bad telling the Hermana so I snuck some of the tacos in napkins and hid them in my clothes until I made it to the bathroom to flush them down the toilet. It worked great! She didn't even notice :)
We had transfers yesterday and I'm staying in my area but Hermana Wilkinson left! My new comp is Hermana Medwin from Canada!! And Hermana Fowler is now with Hermana Amor in the same ward as me. Hnas Medwin and Amor are both going home in two weeks to start school and it sounds like after that Hna Fowler and I will be combining our areas to finish the last month of the transfer! So fun. Love them all. Hna Medwin loves to work out too!! First thing I said to her was hey you like to run right? Yep. Then she asked me if I liked to wake up at 6 to have more time to exercise. I was so overly excited! Finally someone who understands. Were gonna be best friends for sure. She is an awesome missionary and I am already learning lots from her! Sad it will be short!
Cool thing is it looks like Hna Fowler and I will be companions for a few weeks and it will include Mother's day when we skype with our families!

Today we had a get together with all the Hermanas from the mission. Well all 20 of us.
We took lots and lots of pictures this week! Still lots more. It was a fun activity with all the Hermanas! Love them all so much! It was so fun to see everyone and watch some videos and see pictures from all our time together. We have all gotten pretty close and it will be so weird this transfer when 11 of them go home!!! I took a picture with all my companions!
Even Hna Jones from the MTC so fun to have a chance to talk with her!
Another highlight of the week is being able to share the Because He Lives video with everyone. I'm so grateful for my Savior and know that He is always there for me. I feel that I am still beginning to understand the power and significance of His sacrifice. Each day I learn something new. He lived a perfect life, facing temptations but He never sinned. He is the light the life and the hope of the world. His path is the path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come. I love teaching and testifying of Him each day. I hope that everyone can look up the Because He Lives video and share it this week especially!
Also the Women's Conference was awesome! Learned lots and received so many answers. So so so excited for General Conference this weekend! Hope Madison had a good birthday! I haven't had a chance to read your emails yet but I will print them and reply on Monday! Have a great week and a Happy Easter!! Love you lots!

Hermana Rhoten

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