Monday, April 27, 2015

Hola! Another week has past!

We are getting used to having both areas now so this week wasn't quite as overwhelming. We are just trying to plan out our days and appointments more efficiently.
Trying on dresses in the mercado :)

The picture of us we gave to Presidente Galicia for his birthday on Saturday! He turned 46. Just a year younger than dad.
There are over 25 recent converts from over the last year and we have lots of work trying to strengthen them. We are trying to work more with the ward so they can help us keep them strong. We have heard rumors that they might be taking us out and putting Elders here in a couple weeks when we have cambios so we are trying to make sure everyone is good taken care of just in case. We don't know for sure though.
Family Galicia
We ate with them yesterday and Hermana Galicia made zuchinni bread for his pastel. They were also taught that by American missionaries and just love it! Only real zuchinni doesn't actually exist here. They use calabaza. It's really similar.
My companion is going home and leaves the 8th to President's house so for Mother's Day weekend I will be in a trio with my trainer and another Hermana that are in my old ward in Balbuena :) It's right next to my ward right now so we will just be covering both for a few days until transfers but that means I will be there when we skype. I need to check with the other Hermanas to see what time they are thinking but anytime in the afternoon should be fine. We have one ward from 8:30 to 11:30 and another from 12 to 3 and then will probably eat and I'm guessing I will be able to skype around 5 or 6 my time which I think is two hours later than you.
Some fun pictures of the mercado we went to today. I didn't buy anything because I want to go when you are here with me and you can pick out your own stuff.. but its pretty cool. My companion got a sweet bag and some clothes.
Yeah I took a lot of pictures.. it just gets boring when you aren't buying anything so I needed something to do :)
We have two couples who are progressing well. In both of them the wife was less active and the husband not a member. It has been cool to work with them because both of their husbands have had several years knowing about the church and having missionaries in their homes but had never been interested before. Luis Antonio tells us how he used to run and hide whenever they came but now he is interested for himself and wants to grow closer to Christ. The Lord really does prepare his children and they all have their moment.
Hermana Galicia made us choco crispy treats with strawberry marshmallows! Mexicans don't ever make rice crispy treats but she said a missionary had taught her years ago and she knew we would like them.
The other couple, Nacho and Alma have 15 years living together and still aren't married so we are working on that step with them. We saw Meet the Mormons with them this week and they came to a baptism with us and to church on Sunday. On the way home from the Visitor's Center Nacho asks us if they have to get married for him to get baptized and we had a good law of chastity lesson there in the car. They both have already been married and divorced and don't want to get married again but we invited them to pray sincerely to know if they should.
With Nacho and Alma at the CV
A couple days later Nacho says he needs to talk to us in English so no one else in the house understood (he used to live in the states and speaks fairly well) and explains that he prayed and asked about getting married but then later that night he had a dream of his ex girlfriend from when he was way younger and felt like that was his answer. He wanted to know what we thought it meant. We told him to keep praying that it wasn't his answer haha. It was pretty hilarious the way he told us though.
Hermana Pachita! Shes a sweet old lady who loves to sew :) She was excited to show us some of her creations :)
She made the cutest temple pouch ever. I want to figure out how to make one.
Well hope everyone is doing well and has a good week! That's so exciting that Sydney and Joseph are engaged! Happy for them. Happy birthday to Dad today!! 47... wow getting pretty old. Hope its been a good day! The work keeps going on. I am learning more and more each day. I know that this is the work of the Lord, the work of salvation and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Everyday is a good day in the mission. There's no other place I'd rather be. We see miracles daily that make it impossible to doubt that God lives and loves us. Have a good week! 

Con amor, 

Hermana Rhoten :)

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